The Internet Reacts To Xbox Series X ‘Gameplay’ Trailers

The Internet Reacts To Xbox Series X ‘Gameplay’ Trailers
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The world finally got a taste of Xbox Series X footage this morning. So far, the response has been a bit underwhelming.

Xbox showed off a string of games early Friday morning, starting proceedings with the Chinese indie title Bright Memory: Infinite. It was a short introduction that featured in-engine graphics, but not much in the way of actual gameplay. It didn’t help that Microsoft started proceedings by noting that gameplay from Microsoft’s first party games like Halo: Infinite and their studios including Obsidian, Rare, Mojang, Ninja Theory and Double Fine, wouldn’t be revealed until July, two months from now.

That set the tone a little for a lot of what was to follow. Scorn was introduced to the world in a similar fashion, with a “gameplay” trailer that looked nothing more like an extended cutscene. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was probably the biggest offender, not helped by tweets from Ubisoft developers 24 hours prior trying to lower expectations.

Out of the games that showed what looked like regular gameplay (with HUDs removed), there wasn’t anything that especially stood out as a next-gen title. No first party titles were shown off, even though Halo: Infinite is still targeting a 2020 holiday release. A bright spot was that the majority of the line-up supported Xbox’s Smart Delivery system, meaning that anyone who buys them for Xbox One will get the Xbox Series X version for free.

Still, the initial reaction this morning has been one of confusion. Some users wondered why Xbox wasn’t making a bigger deal around the console exclusivity around the titles, particularly since some of them are exclusive to Xbox or Xbox Game Pass when you dig into the fine print:

For many, the biggest complaint around the showcase was a lack of actual gameplay:

Even one of Microsoft’s most friendly media outlets, Windows Central, didn’t hold back in their criticism. “Little was done to actually explain how any of the showcased games benefit specifically from the features and components present in the next-gen console,” Jez Corden wrote.

“There was no mention of how NVME SSD drives will allow games to load-in more animations out of storage rather than having to keep them in memory, for example,” Windows Central’s Corden continued. “There weren’t any examples of ray-tracing enhancing visuals. There was nothing in the visual detail of any of the games that said to me “this wouldn’t be possible on an Xbox One X.”

The response on the official Xbox subreddit was telling, with multiple threads bemoaning the lack of a wow factor.

Disappointment from a long time Xbox Fan. from r/xbox

What did you think of the Xbox Series X gameplay trailers revealed this morning?


    • Can’t say why it was included, but it’s so dramatic because it was written by a kid. I’m sure I wrote much worse at their age.

      • Yep, that young earnest writing where they believe they have something of great importance to say. I wonder if I was ever like that? I tended more to read than post. I used reddit for a long time before I made an account.

        • Haha, never used reddit while I was young, but I can say I know why YouTube comments have such a bad reputation and I probably contributed 🙂

    • I like how it has 1 point. Like, it either has a lot of people disagreeing with it, or nobody cares at all. Odd that it would wind up in an article. Imagine basing an article around a bunch of tweets with single digit likes and retweets.

  • I found it incredibly underwhelming, from both a games AND (lack of) gameplay pov; feel like I’ve possibly outgrown the xbox target demographic (or maybe I’m just old & miserable?) as there was very little that even garnered even a slight quickening of the pulse?

    Vampire looked ok, the Bandai Namco psycho-kinesis game looked ok (kinda telling I can’t remember the title) but otherwise just pretty ‘meh’… On the flipside to that, whilst the lack of gameplay was concerning/irritating, the preso wasn’t that bad either?

  • For me, the bottom line was, if I hadn’t been told these games were next-gen, I never would have thought they were next-gen. To my eyes, any of the games shown off could have been on Xbone or PS4.

    • We’re going to see that more and more. What the machines are capable of putting out is real close to what our eyes are capable of processing. Not saying they shouldnt push the boundaries, just that there are diminishing returns now. It might not be worth the investment.

      You also have the fact its a new console. Which means developers havent learned how to get the most out of it, they’re largely working off old skills. Comparing that to last gen, where they’ve had all those years to learn that, and its not a fair comparison.

      Same thing happened when this gen came out with games not looking much better than that last gen. But compare a current game to a late PS3 game now, and you’ll see the improvement.

    • Yeah it was really weird. There was a:
      * Leaking dong
      * Guy lying on top of a woman
      * Pregnant lady with red belly
      * Baby trying to break out of a suit of armor
      * Throbbing red tentacle getting inserted …

  • The presentation was an underwhelming mess and a complete failure of marketing and communication. Of all the games shown it was The Medium that looked the most interesting despite the lack of gameplay. The other trailers were pretty unmemorable.

  • A bright spot was that the majority of the line-up supported Xbox’s Smart Delivery system, meaning that anyone who buys them for Xbox One will get the Xbox Series X version for free.


    Let’s dig into that a bit more.

    “anyone who buys them for Xbox One“.

    So these games aren’t even going to be Series X exclusives. These are going to be current gen Xbox One games that have been ported and scaled up for the Series X. Presumably then, the games will be available on both the current and next gen systems, and probably PC as well using Play Anywhere.

    Why the heck would you want to buy a Series X?

    • They have said that there won’t be any exclusive XSX games for about 18 months after launch if I recall correctly

      • I think that only applies to Microsoft’s first party output. There’s nothing to stop 3rd party developers making stuff purely for the next gen consoles.

        • It’s going to be one of those weird generational jumps this time, where everything new will be playable on an xbox one x AND a series x for some time, 1st party and 3rd party alike (probably likewise between PS4 and PS5, though that’s not quite as clear yet).

          The difference between the two, though, will become clearer in person. It’s going to be hard to explain within a simple trailer (especially if you’re not watching in 4K) things like faster load times and ray tracing visuals.

    • I mean, for me it’d be the relative power of the console making it better able to run things prettier/smoother… but at the moment it’s coming second to PS5 for me because I absolutely loathe every single iteration of the xbone’s dashboard so far and don’t really like the controller much either.

      Gamepass on PC is killing it, and that’s a $4/mo I’m happy to have deducted on the regular, but that’s utterly divorced from the SxXboneXxS so far.

    • I guess the people that are going to buy one anyway can play these games in 4k if they so desire. Sales numbers will certainly be interesting.

      • considering my house mate picked up a 58″ 4k TV for $500 the other day, dont see why the whole 4K 60FPS isnt a selling point. good luck to the PS5 to do the same, maybe 4K 30fps but we really mean 22fps typically. As a PC gamer, 30 FPS doesnt cut it.

    • By that logic though, why would you buy a new graphics card for your PC within the first year of release, if you can still play new releases with your existing graphics card?

      Some people like shiny things. Some will wait.

  • I’m wonder if they didn’t lean heavily on the exclusive marketing because a lot of the games might just be timed exclusives or that it doesn’t really match their recent anti-exclusive rhetoric.

  • Nothing really to write home about tbh. The only game in the whole thing that I was interested in, that I HADN’T already heard of or seen before, was The Medium.

    Bright Memory has been advertised on steam by its sole dev for awhile now (and has a whole playable prologue on there for a couple bucks iirc), and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has been something I’ve been eagerly waiting for since it was announced halfway through last year iirc.

      • its not so much a sequel, but more fleshed out and longer game with all the brought/stolen assests removed and remade. there was actually some controversy around bright memory due to accusations of stolen art assets and the whole made by 1 guy thing

        • thats good to know. of all the trailers i watched, that was the one i specifically remember as being NOT GAMEPLAY as it was heavily over processed and with excessive shaky cam. the actual game is going to be like a watch dogs x2.

  • I thought Medium looked interesting and I definitely want to see ATCTUAL gameplay of Valhalla, being a fan of the series, but it was a very average showing that did nothing to drum up the next-gen hype for me.

    Overall I am glad I have a pretty powerful PC, since really I have no need to buy a Series X (other than to put one under the Christmas tree for the kids maybe) as basically all the games will be on PC. I love that aspect of Microsoft’s output lately.

    Generally I’ve gravitated to Sony’s first party fare more and they are less likely to be putting stuff on PC at all, nevermind day and date with console, so I suspect I’ll get a PS5 at launch and not a Series X.

  • That reddit guy with 50k gamerscore was that supposed to be a flex? I’m only almost a million ahead of him, but that said the show was pretty piss poor.

  • After Watch Dogs I don’t how people just having grown to be entirely and completely sceptical of every single piece of a game before it comes out.

    We then had Phantom Pain that essentially milked every damn second of cutscene content to put it in the trailers and then when the game came out we all collectively found out that it’s drier than a desert for story content and half the game is missing.

    Marketing is literally make or break and they know that, it’s big business and they’ve spent decades refining and refining that until hype and hysteria carry a project to phat bucks.

    My point ultimately is that I don’t care, but that alone isn’t very compelling a statement.

    • Marketing is literally make or break and they know that, it’s big business and they’ve spent decades refining and refining that until hype and hysteria carry a project to phat bucks.

      That’s what I found really surprising about this livestream – they hyped it up with the promise of gameplay footage and then not only was there basically none to show, the trailers were pretty average, dissappointing even. That they made what seems to me a pretty big misstep in their marketing when everything seemed to be going so well for Microsoft is pretty odd.

      They seemed to just remind everyone that Xbox still has that problem of a lack of high quality, system selling exclusives that Sony and Especially Nintendo doesn’t have at what should have been the peak of the hype cycle.

      • kick me and call me stupid if sony come out with an amazing line up with actual game play, but surely this is just the curse of being the first right? im thinking most of the games arent complete enough to show off properly yet but the hardware is ready to launch. at least they are to some degree allowing you to buy the game once and have it on the older hardware and then on the newer hardware for free.
        dont really care too much since the only time i care about consoles is them getting a hardware boost so my pc games wont be tied down so much. but dirt 5 looking tasty. and we are about due for a forza horizon 5 right?

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