You Have To Use Cheats To See The Only Hidden Watermelon In Half-Life: Alyx

You Have To Use Cheats To See The Only Hidden Watermelon In Half-Life: Alyx
Illustration: Watermelon - Valve

Watermelons could be found hidden in a few spots throughout Half-Life 2. But for whatever reason only one melon is hidden in Half-Life: Alyx and it can’t even be seen unless players use console commands.

As documented in a recent video by Half-Life superfan MarphitimusBlackimus, there is a single melon in Half-Life: Alyx. It is hiding in a box early on in the game, in a section where Alyx is exploring a basement while Combine soldiers walk around outside the windows. However, this melon is actually hidden from the player’s sight unless they use “noclip” to leave the basement. Then and only then can you see the lone melon.

Things were much different back in Half-Life 2. In that game, released back in 2004, dedicated melon hunters could find six watermelons throughout the game. And a few more in deathmatch levels. MarphitimusBlackimus made a whole video about these melons too.  

The new melon model seen in Alyx sports a brand new texture, looking better than the melons seen in Half-Life 2. Sadly, it can’t be broken into melon gibs. When shot it just poofs out of existence.

It seems in 2020 the budget for melons has been slashed. Maybe one day Valve will update Half-Life: Alyx to bring back the melons and right this wrong. They went back and patched the original Half-Life last year, 20 years after the game was first released.

I just don’t want to wait that long for my VR watermelons.

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