Amazon’s Gaming Sale Just Got A Lot Better

Amazon’s Gaming Sale Just Got A Lot Better
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It’s a good time to be a gamer. Not only are there more amazing games to play than ever, but they have this wonderful habit of going on sale all the time.

Amazon Australia joined with other retailers this week by discounting a ton of PlayStation games. And while those deals are still available, there’s a ton of non-PlayStation games and accessories in the mix as well, ranging from good deals on Switch physical games, Pro Controllers, and more.

Games like Darksiders Genesis are going for $39 (down from $59.95), Need for Speed Payback is only $19, the excellent Prey is going for $15 today, and the Saints Row 3 remastered is cheaper today for Switch users too.

This post has been updated since its original publication.

Most of the same offering as what JB had, with a couple of extra discounts on games like GT Sport and Spider-Man. It works out better if you’ve got Amazon Prime as well, although there’s no extra indies in Amazon Australia’s mix here.

For all of the current video game offers, head here.

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  • Yeah but they are the WORST company. We should all stop using them and i really wish kotaku would show some social responsibility and not give them free advertising.

    • Free? You reckon there’s no cookie on every one of those links so Kotaku gets a commission?

    • I can think of several companies that are worse than Amazon – Nestle, Mosanto, Wells Fargo, EA, Fox/Newscorp, Foxconn, Equifax.

      If you’re talking about the employee protections and working conditions, to me it’s a matter of what the US laws dictate what is permissible. I’m sure that Amazon’s competitors are doing the same but Amazon is being singled out because it is the biggest company.

      • So you want to give them a pass because others are busy as bad?

        Bezos is on track to be the world’s first trillionaire whilst his employees don’t make enough to live on. Governments AND companies should be held accountable. But it’s easier to just keep buying cheap shit and not worry about it. But i wonder what kind of world this insane version of capitalism is giving us.

        • No… I haven’t said that at all. Going after Amazon does nothing in the scheme of things. It’s a symptom of the root issue.

      • Add to that list every tobacco company ever. Google and Apple are right up there in terms of their tax treatment in Australia.

        • Google far more than Apple in this case. Most people dont understand that because Apple products are a manufactured item, the majority of their sticker price is actually taxed somewhere. The portion that toddles off to Ireland isnt as big as people think.

          The cost of making their products would be taxed in China (and the profit markup for that manufacturer), and then theres GST and Income Taxes on the price after it hits Australia. Theres only a relatively small amount between those points that gets siphoned off.

          Google doesnt have that manufacturing cost to be absorbed by a third party, so siphons off a hell of a lot more of what they charge. Starbucks is just as bad. Apple is still set up to siphon, dont get me wrong, but its a far smaller portion of the sticker price than most of them. They’ve just become the poster child for all this because they’re so big, and the MSM stories focused on them first.

          I can put real numbers to it if you want, though they might be a little out of date by now.

        • Apple are far more guided by money though. Out of the big 5, Apple is the only one in China. Google tried and famously left. Facebook, Amazon and Netflix also aren’t really a thing or blocked completely in China.

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