An Update On Our LG OLED TV Competition


I just wanted to give a quick update for everyone who entered our LG TV competition. Don’t worry – it’s good news!

The competition ended earlier this week, and I wanted to thank everyone who entered. We had a massive response with over a thousand entries, and we’re currently in the process of sorting all of those out and building a shortlist. Originally, the plan was to announce the competition earlier in the week — but I was off after working overtime on the weekend. I’m helping sort through all the entries with a colleague, but as you can imagine, it’s taking a bit longer than expected to get through them all.

The plan is to have the list sorted and finalised by COB Friday, with the announcement post and email to the winner going out on Monday. Later than first envisioned, but with most people submitting close to the 250 word limit, you can imagine that we’ve got a bit of reading to do. It’s well into the six figures, judging off what we’ve read so far.

That’s all — just wanted to keep everyone posted on how things were going and what you can expect. As always, thanks again for your patience. And most importantly, thank you for giving us the most valuable resource in your lives: time.


  • +1 All good! I remember seeing the competition posted around quite a few competition websites, so I could only imagine that you have several books worth of reading to go through now.

  • Class act keeping us informed, take your time sounds like a big job (also from what i have followed it sounds like there have been some really good entries in there as well which i am sure does not make it easy)

  • Good luck to you folks who entered! I was gonna enter but Im no good with the whole write about something style of competitions…… so i registered but never got down o writing anything =P

  • Honestly, I thought the competition had ended already and my congratulations email had been sent to the wrong account. I’d just got over my disappointment, but now I get to be disappointed all over again!

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