Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Unlock Every Unique Wedding Season Item

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Unlock Every Unique Wedding Season Item

Love is in the air in Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ latest event. Wedding Season is live now and lasts the whole month. During the event, you’ll be able to gain new limited time items, flex your decorating skills and help out two very familiar faces. Here’s how Wedding Season works, and how you can unlock every unique item.

To access the event, you’ll need to head to the airport and fly to Harv’s Island, also known as Photopia. Thus far, the lone island has served little purpose in the game — but the Wedding Season event changes all that.

When you arrive on Harv’s Island, you’ll meet Reece and Cyrus, an alpaca couple who want to recreate their wedding photos in Harv’s studio. Reece and Cyrus first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where they ran the Re-Tail recycled furniture store. They’re very cute, and they need your help.

Every day from June 1 to June 30, Reece and Cyrus will request a different style of photo they want you to take. They’ll specify which colour and style furniture they’d like their photo to have, as well as a wedding-themed event you’ll need to recreate. It’s your job to choose the right items to decorate the room with from your personal item catalogue. The more items you place that fit the overall theme of the request, the more heart crystals you’ll earn for your efforts.

wedding season event guide animal crossing new horizons

To place items, open your catalogue using the down button and select your chosen furniture. Using ‘X’ will let you select colour variations to match Reece and Cyrus’ request. You can fit as many items in the room as you like. While there isn’t currently a definitive guide for which categories items belong to, you can view colour variants and options at the Animal Crossing Wiki.

If you’ve placed enough of the right items, Cyrus will reward you with a heart crystal. These items operate as currency during June and you can trade them in to Cyrus for unique Wedding Season items.

All the Wedding Season items you can unlock

wedding season unique items animal crossing

The Wedding Season event lasts all of June and for the first week, you’ll be able to collect new items every day. The first day, you’ll have a limited range of items to collect that include a wedding bench, decoration, wallpaper and flooring. Here’s what you can unlock every day, and how many heart crystals you’ll pay.

Day One:

  • Wedding bench – 5 HC
  • Wedding decoration – 3 HC
  • White wedding wall – 12 HC
  • White wedding flooring – 12 HC
  • Blue wedding rug – 4 HC

Day Two:

  • Wedding table – 6 HC
  • Wedding chair – 3 HC
  • Wedding-party wall – 12 HC

Day Three:

  • Wedding flower stand – 4 HC
  • Wedding candle set – 4 HC

Day Four

  • Wedding head table – 6 HC
  • Wedding cake – 5 HC

Day Five: Wedding pipe organ – 40 HC

Day Six:

  • Wedding arch – 20 HC
  • Wedding welcome board – 5 HC

Day Seven:

  • Brown wedding wall – 12 HC
  • Green wedding wall – 12 HC
  • Brown wedding flooring – 12 HC
  • Green wedding flooring – 12 HC
  • Red wedding rug – 4 HC
  • White wedding rug – 4 HC
  • Cake dress – 20 HC
  • Wedding tuxedo – 20 HC
  • Wedding pumps – 6 HC
  • Wedding shoes – 6 HC
  • Bridal veil – 12 HC
  • Wedding wand (recipe) – requires 1 x wedding flower stand and 3 x star fragments
  • Wedding fencing (recipe) – requires 5 x iron nuggets and 3 x softwood

Once you complete the wedding event six times, you’ll also unlock a unique Reese & Cyrus photo plate that features the happy couple together.

With all of June left to complete the event and collect all the unique items, there’s plenty of time to jump in. Wedding Season is a delightfully cute event and it’s great to see more involving activities rolling out to Animal Crossing players.

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