Animal Crossing Player Has Too Many Fans

Animal Crossing Player Has Too Many Fans

This week we celebrate Juneteenth, clean up an apartment in Deus Ex, meet the snake who swallowed an AK-47, find out when Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is releasing on PS5 and find out how many fans in Animal Crossing is too many.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Four Games That Resonate (And One I Hate) As I Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth, once an obscure, informal holiday celebrating Black freedom, is now bigger than it’s ever been. It commemorates when the last enslaved people in Texas, the final Confederate state, were set free on June 19th, 1865. Today, on this year’s Juneteenth, countries around the world are reckoning with anti-Black histories,...

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Ashely Parrish’s latest big piece is all about the best games to play on Juneteenth, a holiday which I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know about until just a few years ago. Read this. It’s good.

Deus Ex Fan Game Is Just About Cleaning Adam’s Disgusting Apartment

To help celebrate the series’ 20th birthday this year, Deus Ex fan Bear Parker has made a game with a deeply specific purpose: cleaning up Adam Jensen’s apartment, which as Parker says, has been “an absolute tip” for years.

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I guess if we aren’t getting a new Deus Ex game anytime soon, fans will have to help fill the void.

Even The Wii U Lived Longer Than The Confederacy

Did you know every major gaming generation has lasted longer than the Confederacy that sparked the American Civil War? That nascent nation only managed to hold out for a little over four years. And yet, instead of erecting statues to the Xbox, the United States continues to honour Confederate figures...

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Growing up in Florida it was always wild to meet people who loved the Confederacy and also considered themselves patriots and “True Americans”. Folks, if you want to be a patriot, stop waving around the flag of a failed foreign nation that killed a shit ton of US soldiers on US soil. Weirdos.


These Call of Duty weapon skins are getting weirder and weirder with each season.

See how easy it is to understand this graph and the data. That’s why artists aren’t worthless or “non-essential.”

Silent Hills 2 looking scary as fuck.



Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

One of the cooler looking games revealed at the EA Play event on Thursday. You can see everything that was announced here!

I’m going to set aside some time and get this game on PSVR and finally play it. Not a huge Walking Dead fan, but all the gifs and videos I’ve seen of this game have me excited to try it out.

It’s like a normal story, but with sick nollies.

A game all about killing Boomers!? You have my attention.

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