Arcade1Up Announces Ms. Pac-Man, Marvel Vs. Capcom Cabinets

Arcade1Up Announces Ms. Pac-Man, Marvel Vs. Capcom Cabinets

During today’s IGN Summer of Games event, the folks over at Arcade1Up revealed a handful of new additions to their line of miniature arcade cabinet replicas. These include Ms. Pac-Man, Marvel vs. Capcom, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Big Buck Hunter, and a virtual pinball machine based on Marvel Comics superheroes.

While Ms. Pac-Man is iconic enough to occupy her own cabinet, the others brought along some friends.

The fighting game-centric cabinets both come with Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The other two games on each are different. The Marvel vs. Capcom cabinet includes Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and brawler Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems, whereas the X-Men branded machine is packaged with X-Men: Children of the Atom and the X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse beat-em-up.

Big Buck Hunter Pro, Arcade1Up’s first shooting simulator, also includes Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, Big Buck Safari, and Big Buck Safari Outback.

Official release dates for these cabinets are still forthcoming, but according to IGN, Arcade1Up is expected to drop them before the end of 2020.


  • From what I can find, Arcade1up gave up on selling in Australia. ALDI was a bust, and BigW was a bust too. It seems Amazon AU has some units but nothing beyond the first run of arcades.

      • Not that I’ve been able to find. I’m trying to get the attention of Arcade1UP on Twitter to ask about Australian distribution for these new units

      • To be fair, that’s a fair price considering most arcade cabinets sell for $1000 or more on Ebay.

        • No, it’s not a fair price. They were too expensive. That’s half the reason they flopped here. Consumers looked at the price and told them they were dreamin’.

          I recognise actual real cabinets can be a couple of thousand dollars or more, but this isn’t original arcade hardware, it’s not a full sized cabinet, and the controls are not arcade quality. These are essentially toys. It’s a cheap custom board running an emulated version of the games and the early models only had mono sound (recent ones have stereo). Each cabinet only has 3-4 games (some only 1 or 2) as well. Many of these games can be purchased digitally or in collections for current systems as well.

          If they were selling closer to $250 they might have been more successful, but they aren’t worth 500 bucks. For that price you can get a 1TB PS4 Pro.

  • i dont get how costco hasnt picked these up after aldi dropped them in australia.
    mind you – aldi probably over ordered and the prices are high, but costco could move units by the truckload, especially with their online store now.

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