Attack On Titan Creator Dreams Of Opening A Sauna

Attack On Titan Creator Dreams Of Opening A Sauna

In a recent interview, Hajime Isayama was asked how much is left in his Attack on Titan manga. It debuted back in September 2009 and has become a massive hit, spawning anime, and live-action adaptations.

According to Isayama, there’s about five per cent left in the manga before it will end its run. The upcoming anime is touted as the final season, so I imagine they’ll end at the same time.

When asked what’s next (via News Gamme), Isayama said, “I’d like to do something like a dark comedy. But more than that, I want to open a sauna.” About three years ago, he really started enjoying saunas.

He’s even drawn the Attack on Titan characters sweating it out in a sauna.

The show created this artist’s rendition to illustrate his dream. The sign reads “Attack on Sauna” in Japanese.

The illustration is just a TV gag, so don’t assume that Isayama, if he does open a sauna, will open an Attack on Titan style one!

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