Before You Risk Yourself for Tenet, Christopher Nolan Would Love It If You Watched Inception in Fortnite

Before You Risk Yourself for Tenet, Christopher Nolan Would Love It If You Watched Inception in Fortnite
Contributor: James Whitbrook

Or movie theatre chains right now, Fortnite is open everywhere across the planet.

After already previously releasing a new trailer for his upcoming time-travel-but-not-apparently-time-travel mystery action movie in Epic’s Battle Royale video game/Content Partnership Multiverse simulator, Christopher Nolan ” famous for being That Guy when it comes to discussing just how important the theatre experience is to the consumption of his movies ” is continuing his collaboration with, well, a Fortnite “Movie Nite.” You see what they did there.

The movie event will begin at 8pm ET this Friday, June 26, with U.S. gamers flying into Fortnite‘s Party Royale island and heading over to its big screen to check out a live broadcast of Inception, with a re-broadcast taking place at 11:55 pm for those who missed out, presumably because they were playing Fortnite‘s new season, where you can pay to be Jason Momoa as he appears in the hit DC movie Aquaman?

Yeah. This game continues to be a lot.

But Fortnite‘s ability to seemingly be everything to everyone and capture the minds of millions across the planet aside, something continues to remain incredibly rich about Nolan’s collaboration with the game to promote Tenet, which in the world outside of Battle Royale has spent the past few months embroiled in debates over just when it would actually debut amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

Nolan himself was reportedly adamant on the film maintaining its original July premiere date, even as movies around it continued to shift further and further into the future to account not just for theatre closures, but for the fact that even if theatres were open, people will still not be keen to be stuck in a dark room with socially-distanced strangers for a few hours while cases of covid-19 continued to spiral ever further out of control. Even when Tenet eventually did get delayed, it was only for two weeks, unlike the months-long postponements of other former summer blockbusters.

How you experience his filmography is vital enough to Nolan that Tenet should release as soon as possible, coronavirus be damned; that he’s also more than happy to promote that release by streaming said filmography in a game in which Rey Skywalker can build a tower out of scavenged materials (from which she can then snipe Deadpool’s face off) is a weird thing to reconcile. Much weirder than Fortnite‘s continued establishment of a pop cultural metaverse, at least.

If you want to find out what time and what Nolan film you’ll be able to watch this Friday, you can check out Party Royale’s full international schedule here.

Editor’s Note: Release dates within this article are based in the U.S., but will be updated with local Australian dates as soon as we know more.

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