Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Photo: Stephen Maturen, Getty Images

For the past several days, the police killing of a black man, George Floyd, has stoked righteous anger and protest across the United States.

It should never have taken a police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes, as Floyd begged for his life, for protests of this scale to finally materialise, for people in our sector of culture to finally speak out against this country’s historic oppression of black people, hell, for me to write these words you’re reading.

That is another shameful chapter in a sorry story that repeats and repeats in this country as black people endure an unconscionable wait for justice.

To our readers now in pain, I grieve alongside you.

To those who don’t get it and even to those who think they do, it’s imperative now to listen to and amplify black voices. For white people like me, it’s imperative to examine the ways we’re complicit and work to do better. We must all be antiracist, and we must not let this priority fade.

Issues of police brutality and the need for racial justice don’t pause with the press of a button. The dehumanisation at the root of these problems pervades all parts of life and society, even the area we cover: where racism is all too common, yet where the presence of black people in game development and in games themselves is all too lacking. Change is only possible if people realise what matters.

I urge readers to follow our sister site, The Root, which is chronicling the protests and diagnosing the underlying causes.

And if you have the means to help, a good way to start is to donate to local bail funds in Minneapolis, Louisville and Brooklyn (There’s a longer list here).


    • Or in a less violent manner, GO VOTE IN NOVEMBER. (In case there are Americans reading this)

      • There’s a reason why voter apathy is so prevalent there.
        November won’t change the deeply ingrained issues plaguing that country.

        • November won’t change the deeply ingrained issues plaguing that country, as you say. Ironically, this is almost entirely a consequence of voter apathy.

          • Also the fact that they go out of their way to make it as difficult as possible for even the interested people to vote eg People need to be able to stand around in a queue for 5 or 6 hours on a work day to be able to cast a vote.
            For a country that makes such a big deal out of democracy, they’re actually pretty bad at it.

          • Also, @alexwalker, is it possible to not get stuck in moderation purgatory every time I just edit an error of spelling or grammar in one of my comments? 😛

          • Sadly, your only solution is to pretend that the edit button doesn’t actually exist.

        • Neither will rioting. They need to look to themselves and realise their Police is a reaction of the sickness that is in their society. America is a selfish society full of individuals, always talking about MY rights and MY freedoms, never talking about their responsibilities. So called land of the free yet they have the highest incarceration rates in the world. There is way too much to unpack here.

  • Same shit happens here, just never hear about it. A black atypical dude was killed by a cop at the public pool in Newcastle in the EXACT same manner two years back.
    Wanna know what he did wrong?

    Had autism with verbal impulses that didn’t make sense to a duo of muscle dudes who beat him leading to the cops killing him. And it gets hidden.

  • All this will blow over and things will go back to normal. Americans are too lazy to vote, let alone rise up and overthrow a federal government. Any suggestion otherwise is simply fueled by the media (social and mainstream) coverage of these riots.

    • Sad but true…. america has always been about the outrage over the event but never about sustainable change. Really bad stuff happens, protest happens, emotions boil over to riots and once its all exhausted? Nothing..

      This is not to say Im saying the protests are irrelevant or emotions not real… but nothing gets done besides the recent cycle of outrage… heck if you cant even decide on a solution to a recent 20th century issue (gun control) what more for an endemic systemic societal problem spanning centuries? People need to start going past this endless cycle of emotional inaction

    • I wouldn’t call it laziness. Watching how primaries work this election, I understand why people don’t vote.
      Being a Republican or a Democrat isn’t really the same as being a Liberal or a Labor voter, here we have a party that is straightforward on what their policies are throughout the term, when it comes to elections, we know what our options are and we vote. Having primaries in America means the person with the policies you agree with have to compete against others just to become the “leader of the opposition”. Having to try and get the most votes from your own party, before trying to get the most votes from everyone encourages watered down “trying to please everyone” policies meaning that who ever is in charge can only very slightly tilt the direction the country is going, not making radical change.

      Even Trump is mostly a mouthpiece. He says some truly vile stuff, which pulls a strong reaction, but his power to actually change things at a policy level is limited at best.

      • Agreed the political nuance is all but dead in us these days…. its basically I only vote for republican/democrat since i fall within their political spectrum or I dont vote because the winner of the primaries for my political spectum is someone i disagree with.

        Its a terrible system that promotes division amongst its own parties to the point of diffusing the leader to the loudest and most populist view so to speak.

    • I don’t blame them tbh, bit hard to feel energised when your choices are Trump and Biden.

      The swing required to break from the two party system is improbable, the last time a 3rd party candidate beat one of the major parties was 1912.

  • I would usually be of the mindset of keeping non-game news out of a gaming site, but goddammit America, what is wrong with you? During this time of self-isolation I have had increased time to hang out with all my American friends online in Discord and in games. I’ve had to listen to their pain and fear during the rising pandemic in which their leader has been numerously referred to as “pulling a Lord Farquaad”. But that is nothing compared to this. I hear the hurt, the sadness, the fear, and the anger. It is disgusting and my heart goes out to all of them. I hope something comes out of this. I so hope. But I already know that most likely nothing will.

    • They riot because if they didn’t, nobody would listen. It’s disgraceful how they can just bury these incidents if there are no cameras.
      I watched the CCTV of the killing right up to before he was pinned. The look of pain and fear he had hits you. He was terrified.
      And this could have all been easily prevented – if not simply by not putting your knee on the back of someone’s neck, then by saying “oh, sorry mate” and removing it when they beg for air. For fuck sake.
      Not one of those sideline cops did a damn thing to stop it.

      • I agree with everything you said except ‘they -riot- because…’.

        I think there’s a decent amount of evidence emerging that the people rioting, as opposed to those protesting, are largely a combination of professional agitators and antisocial morons with their own axe to grind.

        • I think that to some degree, yes. There is a large proportion that just want to use it as an excuse to steal and injure, be the bad people they generally are.
          But there are many who are causing this destruction as an escalation, as the alternative is to shout loudly and still be ignored. When I see videos and images of crowds doing this damage while protecting others – even police – from physical violence, I feel I can’t believe it’s just “bad guys being bad”.

  • We really are witnessing the downfall of the greatest super power in human history. Socially, economically, politically, culturally.

    I worry about the wars they will start in the next 20 years.

    • I worry just as much, if not more, about the wars others will start because they perceive the USA as now being too weak to oppose them.

      • Ah yeah. My understaning is that militarily the US is still far far superior to China and Russia. In terms of hardware and firepower at least. As in it’s not even close and all nations are well aware. I’m no expert though.

        • There’s military strength, but then there is also having the political strength and the will to use it. That’s where they’re weak – they’re so divided internally that it’s pretty much impossible to form a consensus on even minor issues, let alone respond to major crises. Look at their shambolic response to COVID-19, for example. Everything that happens over there seems to be driven by political ideology rather than actual, practical measures that actually work.

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