Condom Maker Creates Promotional Anime

Okamoto Industries, one of Japan’s biggest condom manufacturer, has created an online anime series to promote safe sex.

Dubbed Condom Battler Goro, the show takes its stylistic cue from classic Japanese anime, including Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Fist of the North Star and Yu-Gi-Oh, among many others like Ashita no Joe.

According to PR Times (via SoraNews), the multi-part series stars a 24-year-old Condom Battler named Goro whose rubber of choice is the super-thin 0.01 prophylactic. Tearing open a “legendary condom” covers him in condom armour.

Other Condom Battlers include Miku, who can equip condoms at lightning speed, and Hayato, who uses a Big Boy rubber.

You can watch episodes below, with each clocking in under a minute and each teaching lessons like don’t wear two condoms at once or do use hand cream on condoms, all the while underscoring the importance of safe sex.

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