Chatting Cyberpunk 2077 And Everything You Didn’t See In The Previews

Chatting Cyberpunk 2077 And Everything You Didn’t See In The Previews

So the Cyberpunk 2077 previews are out, and there is a ton to discuss. But while we’ve had a lengthy hands on with the game, even that wasn’t enough room to cover it all. So to answer everything else, we’ll be taking questions live on stream.

Leah and I will be running through the new footage and my hands-on preview, as well as discussing all the other elements that CD Projekt Red didn’t show early this morning. The studio revealed the tutorial braindance sequence, but what they didn’t reveal was the segment of preview gameplay after that really illustrates what its like.

There’s also a deeper look at the perks and skills system, which wasn’t really covered in this morning’s livestream. You’ve got little details like how your car handles. What the map and questing system is like. How much freedom the game actually gives you, and what the moment-to-moment stuff of running, jumping and shooting is like.

So Leah and I will be going through all of those things live on the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel from 1:30pm AEST / 3:30pm NZST / 11:30am AWST. The channel’s embedded below, but if you haven’t followed us yet, please click through and do that — it’s hugely appreciated.

If you want to get your questions in, feel free to jump into the official Kotaku Australia Discord channel, pop them in the comments below, or just ask live on stream later this afternoon. There’s a lot to work through.

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