Cyberpunk 2077 Will Support The PS5 From Day One

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Support The PS5 From Day One

Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be launching in September, and chances are it might be released after the next-gen consoles. But in a good bit of news for PlayStation fans at least, CD Projekt Red confirmed the game will be playable “from the get go” on the PlayStation 5.

Cyberpunk 2077 was already confirmed to support Xbox’s Smart Delivery, but confirmation on the game’s support for the PlayStation 5 was a little murkier. However, the studio explained on an investor call this generation of consoles is much smoother than the Xbox 360/PS3 era.

“As for launching next to next-gens, we’re not worried about it,” CD Projekt Red’s Michał Nowakowski, said.

“There is cross-gen compatibility both on [PS5] and [Xbox Series X], there is actually a hardware enhancement of the games. So the current-gen games, if there is engineering work done behind them, will be playable from the get-go on both consoles. So we look at it as more of an opportunity, we’re going to be targeting both the owners of the current-gen consoles and the next-gen consoles,” Nowakowski explained.

Later in the investor call, Nowakowski reiterated that the game’s content and gameplay was finished, a fact reiterated by CDR’s CEO, Adam Kiciński. The studio added that journalists are already playing Cyberpunk 2077, ahead of next week’s Night City Wire stream.

When an investor asked for clarification on next-gen compatibility specifically for Sony, Nowakowski said “it will be running on both PS4 and PS5 from the launch date”.

The game won’t be specifically optimised for the next-gen consoles at launch. A “more robust update” will be released to all Cyberpunk 2077 console owners after the game’s launch designed to take advantage of the extra hardware, although the game by default will have some visual improvements over the PS4 / Xbox One versions.

An investor also asked the CDR board whether they calculated the impact on Cyberpunk 2077‘s Metacritic aggregated rating by delaying the game by nine weeks. The CEO’s was simple: “We don’t measure like that, that’s the truth,” Adam Kiciński said.

“We are targeting top quality, and from our calculations, it seems that adding 9 weeks secures the whole process. We decided not to take the risk of releasing the game, which might not be in a quality that we targeted, and that’s the only comment I can give. We don’t have any discussions about how many points on Metacritic we can lose or gain by adding time,” Kiciński added.

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