Elite Dangerous Will Let Players Stretch Their Legs In 2021

Elite Dangerous Will Let Players Stretch Their Legs In 2021
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Space flight sim Elite Dangerous is set to expand next year with the release of the next significant update. While the game has confined players to their cockpits since it launched in 2014, Odyssey revolves around completing missions on foot rather than from behind the controls of a starship.

Details are still scant, but developer Frontier Developments says Odyssey will finally give Elite Dangerous players the opportunity to stretch their legs on unexplored planets. Contracts run the gamut from diplomacy to all-out combat, offering “endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content.” That’s quite a promise!

Odyssey will also expand Elite Dangerous’ robust customisation system with an array of personal weapons and gear, all of which you’ll be able to upgrade at public outposts. Combat is said to be “multi-layered, deep, [and] tactical,” with battlefields composed of on-foot Commanders, surface recon vehicles, and, yes, even starships.

More Elite Dangerous: Odyssey details will be shared periodically between now and the expansion’s release in early 2021.


    • Seriously, it may kill SC even before “release”.
      I played the alpha-something of SC, IMO found it to be a mess. It was so incredibly tedious to traverse the space station that I gave up before getting into a ship.
      The janky, uninspired movement and content made me wonder what they’ve been doing all this time. Focused on the flight, I guess? (Or just mo-capping high paid actors…)

      • And yeah I played the Alpha of it too. Well aware it’s an alpha before anyone jumps on me (Ark player here, I know the pain of the word ‘alpha’), but jesus christ, I did expect *something* a little better…

        • Right? It felt like they skipped the basics of making a playable game and went for the big end goal of having pretty ships and actors.

  • I really don’t have any interest in space COD. It’s about the flying for me, that’s what makes Elite Elite.

    But if there are other QOL improvements and more ships and atmospheric landings come, and the space legs are optional missions, fair enough.

    • This game is such a heartbreaker for me. I love everything about it … except the unbelievably tedious landing/takeoff sequences, even with the autopilot function. I get that it’s a flight simulator, but to go through the exact same lengthy landing sequence (ok, two for the two kinds of station, and I’ll be generous and won’t include planetary landings) is just not fair use of my time. Why not make it optional? There would be no impact on PvP. Look to No Mans Sky for how to do it – boom, in and out, and enjoy the universe. I speak from deep love for game.
      Rant over.

    • Not even to explore your ship or a station, I have no interest in FPS mechanics in the game but I definitely want to walk around inside my Corvette.

      • Not particularly. Just seems like a massive compromise to what Elite’s always been. But I have an open enough mind, I guess we’ll see.

  • I actually love the landings and takeoffs (and compared to getting a 737 into the sky in FSX it’s a doddle), but I can understand why you wouldn’t.

    What controls do you use? I have X52 with the directional thrusters on thumb stick so it’s easy to land.

    • I’m on PS4, it’s not so much the controls, more the time taken and the repetition. Just the same every time. If they do something about it as a QOL fix, I’ll be back straight away.

      • …are you using the docking computer? That is intentionally slow and tedious.

        Manual landing is much faster (and riskier) and more rewarding.

  • It’s amazing how Frontier are actually delivering on everything they promised when this game was first revealed. Sure, it’s taken them eight years, but they’re doing it, which is great to see.

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