Everything Bungie Announced During Today’s Destiny 2 Livestream

Everything Bungie Announced During Today’s Destiny 2 Livestream

After weeks of relative silence about what’s in store for the future of Destiny 2, Bungie opened the floodgates today announcing the titles for the game’s next three expansions, its plans for cross-generational play, and a whole lot more.

Players were expecting to see what’s ahead in Season of Arrivals launching today, as well as maybe get some hint of what’s happening this fall in Destiny 2’s annual expansion. Instead, Bungie revealed the game’s three upcoming annual expansions, as well as its commitment to continue building on Destiny 2. The game is coming to next-gen platforms and will be supported for years to come, in other words, so don’t expect Destiny 3 anytime soon.

Here’s a rundown of everything Bungie shared:

Season of Arrivals will let players finally fight the pyramids starting today.

Currently live in the game, Season of Arrivals starts today and will let players fight the big black pyramids invading the solar system in a new public event activity. The mysterious ships have been teased in the game for years, and now players will finally get to see them first-hand and up-close. The season will also include a new exotic quest, and probably more, though Bungie hasn’t revealed a full season roadmap yet.

Season of Arrivals includes a dungeon called Prophecy.  

The new season also includes a brand new dungeon for players to run, Destiny 2-speak for something bigger than a strike mission but smaller than a raid, where they’ll get to learn more about “the Darkness,” Destiny 2-speak for the Dark Side. The dungeon looks mind-bendy and full of puzzles, like a cross between Tron and The Cell.

Destiny 2‘s next big expansion is called Beyond Light.

Arriving September 22, Beyond Light will let players explore Europa, the icy moon orbiting Jupiter where the game’s Exo race are supposed to have originated from. Based on what Bungie showed it seems like Beyond Light will revolve around trying to fight a rogue Exo Hunter whose attempting to amass an army of her own. The Cosmodrome from Destiny 1 is also set to return as a patrol area, along with strike missions from that game.

Uh, Destiny 2 is also getting big expansions next year and the year after as well.

In a surprising twist, Bungie also announced the names of Destiny 2‘s 2021 and 2020 expansions as well, called The Witch Queen and Lightfall respectively. While we didn’t get a proper look at them, it was Bungie’s way of saying that it’s committed to building on Destiny 2 for years to come, rather than letting it peter out while it pivots to another sequel.


  • Welp. This, combined withe the CEO actively marching at BLM protests, will have me booting the game back up!

  • well I’ll give it that Bungie makes awesome trailers lol

    I’d be curious to see how the UI evolve if they continue adding supers to the classes… also I think you meant 2022 expansion

  • Probably also worth calling out that they are ripping out a big pile of content as well including a bunch of locations and the campaigns, strikes and raids associated with them and putting them in a vault to come back at some unspecified time but making them unplayable from September.

    • How much goes into the vault is unconfirmed at this point, but they are also reintroducing content from Destiny 1 during Year 4, including the Vault of Glass and the Cosmodrome (though how long they are available is also undetermined).

      • “Io, Titan, Mercury, Mars, and Leviathan will be cycled out and no longer be accessible.This includes all PvE activities (including campaigns) on those destinations.” From their own news page. So that’s the Red War, Curse of Osiris, Warmind campaigns (all year one campaigns gone) and like 5 raids/raid lairs gone amongst many other things

        • Ah yup, just reading that now. It’s a fair thing to do, most of those places I barely travel to anymore so why not streamline it. I do like that they are including D1 content in the vault to pull from later.

  • I am pretty conflicted about Destiny at the moment, I have been a long defender of it, but I am seriously disliking the new season structure. In the past if I had to set out say Season of the Drifter (even though I love Gambit) I knew that I could come back in a few months and still get my monies worthy and still see most of it. This year I couldnt do much due to trying to study and hold full time while the world was going crazy. Now I cant get anything and missed stuff I can never see again. The living world thing wouldnt be too bad if the events were actually as memorable as say MMO are.

  • And only removing nearly half the games content to do so!

    They are taking away 4 planets, 4 raids (maybe 5), 7 strikes, the entire campaign (plus 2 dlc stories) the menagerie and tribute hall.
    All content that we have payed for and they are are “filling” that void with a $60 DLC which has a quarter of the content, so we win right.

    The new expansion will have 1 planet with 1 raid and maybe 2 strikes (plus the cosmodrome released in pieces over the next year adding 1 more planet with a raid and 3 strikes).
    So we are still down 2 patrol zones, 2-3 strikes, 2 raids and 3 story campaigns. Plus down $60 (and what we spent on now removed content).

  • I may be I’m the minority but Destiny has gone down hill after forsaken exp.

    I also think breaking away from Activision hasn’t improved things at all. All the content since forsaken has been extremely sub par.

    I can’t wait for them to take content away to then re sell back at a letter date.

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