Grandpa Is Playing Pokémon Go In The Year 2173

Grandpa Is Playing Pokémon Go In The Year 2173
Photo: <strong>行走的故事詩/yanwu</strong>

We first wrote about Taiwanese grandpa Chen San-yuan back in 2018, when he was spotted with 11 phones strapped to his bike so he could play Pokémon Go. In the two years since, he has upped his game considerably.

As The Verge report, Chen’s bike+ phone assemblage has slowly got more precarious, from 45 phones last year to 64 following his most recent evolution, which was spotted locally earlier this week.

64 phones! And this just for a dude who is playing to “catch and upgrade rare Pokémon”, and who hardly ever takes part in battles or raids!

I have no idea how he actually gets around on that thing, but if there was a way to turn all of the phone’s cameras on at once and ride it through the viewfinder footage, that would be incredible.

Photo: 行走的故事詩/yanwu Photo: 行走的故事詩/yanwu


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