Here’s Gameplay From That Aussie Windwaker-Breath Of The Wild Game

Here’s Gameplay From That Aussie Windwaker-Breath Of The Wild Game

Remember that Aussie-made adventure that looked like a cross between Breath of the Wild and Windwaker? Well, amidst all the hustle of the PlayStation 5 being revealed, Windbound‘s publisher released the first official gameplay this morning.

The two minute trailer reveals that you’ll be playing as Kara, an explorer in search of her tribe. “Witness Kara’s evolution in survival as she scavenges for resources and gains the skills to craft and equip her with the ultimate sea vessel and the strongest combat-ready attire and weaponry,” the official description reads.

Here’s Gameplay From That Aussie Windwaker-Breath Of The Wild GameImage: 5 Lives Studios

I’ve already described this as a mix of modern Zelda and Windwaker, and all the new footage really just confirms that. There’s shrines and what looks like some runes that teleport you to different areas, which again just reminds of Breath of the Wild.

And I have absolutely no qualms about that. It looks utterly fantastic. Remember, this is a game from the same Brisbane studio behind Satellite Reign, so they know how to make a good game.

The game adds that there’ll be underwater gameplay as well, not just sailing on the seas. “All the while, a storm unlike any she has ever seen, is pulling her through the treacherous waters to face a mystical presence that lies beneath the sea,” the official site notes.

The game is launching on PC through Steam and the Epic Game Store and Xbox One. The official website still lists August 28 as the official release date, so it doesn’t seem like the coronavirus has affected the Aussie studio too badly.

I’m keen on this. Because it’s a smaller project, it doesn’t look like it’ll be a 100+ hour game. Launching in late August means there’ll be time to finish it before Avengers and, importantly, Cyberpunk 2077 drops. It’ll be a great palette cleanser before the next gen consoles release, too.


  • Fuckyes. Between this and TemTem and that Animal Crossing clone… fuck all these IPs that won’t get ported to PC, indie devs can just clone them!

    I endorse this method of fighting back.

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