I Saw A Spider In My Bedroom

This week on Snapshots: Some more (non-spoiler) Last of Us 2 photos, one of the coolest Spider-Man pics I’ve seen, some lovely plants, a creepy tree, a nice sit on a bench and a flamethrower.

The Last of Us Part II (Screenshot: @lorsteibel, Twitter)
The Last of Us Part II (Screenshot: @Lochlan_Miller, Twitter)
Spider-Man (PS4) (Screenshot: @shinobi_space, Twitter)
The Division 2 (Screenshot: @Spiggy_Smalls, Twitter)
Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: @XkardazX, Twitter)
Forza Horizon 4 (Screenshot: @PoachiiN, Twitter)
Horizon Zero Dawn (Screenshot: @OfClockworks, Twitter)
A Plague Tale: Innocence (Screenshot: @InquistorAles, Twitter)
Death Stranding (Screenshot: @mr_geralt, Twitter)
Life Is Strange (Screenshot: @screenknight_vp, Twitter)
Concrete Genie (Screenshot: Heath Gardner, Email)
The Last of Us Part II (Screenshot: @Cordox1, Twitter)

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