If One Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan Isn’t Enough, Here Are Two

If One Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan Isn’t Enough, Here Are Two

Earlier this year, Kotaku introduced a USB-connected fan to help chill things down during Japan’s notoriously hot summers. Now, here’s a USD peripheral is not one, but two fans. How cool is that?

This reikyaku (“cooling”) charging grip from Japan’s Thanko. Unlike the single USB-fan, the Switch is housed in a cradle and can recharge the console. (According to Thanko, the grip can store enough battery power to recharge a Switch at least once.)

There is also a power button for those who want to take a break and just use it as a grip. Priced at 3,980 yen ($54), it’s available in Japan through Thanko’s online shop.


  • Unless that air is going somewhere those fans are doing nothing at all.

    Not to mention that cooling the back of the switch will have little to no impact on the internal temperature given the cooling setup of the switch.

    This looks like a waste of money. They are no different to people buying those console external fans that put a fan ontop of another fan.

    • If the switch case was aluminium or glass then the fans would still work because they would help dissapate the heat from the housing but unfortunately the switch is plastic so yep these fans will do sweet f all.

      I guess it would be good for people who have replaced their shell with metal or something with vents

  • As far as I know it doesn’t need an external fan when docked. Why would it need one in handheld mode?

    • I dunno, but when playing Animal Crossing I’ve heard and felt the thing crank the everloving fuck out of the internal fan. Point it the right way and you could use it as a hair-dryer.

      • I get this when playing Cricket 19 on the Switch. Had to stop playing it at night because it was genuinely keeping my fiancee awake. Also because I didn’t want to have to write out an email to Nintendo explaining my Switch got bricked by the second division of county cricket, which is just a degree of humiliation I don’t need in my life.

        • For me playing picross before bed, it’s the clacking of my sticks keeping my fiancee awake. I can’t just ‘eyeball’ the shapes reliably so I count squares across, so there’s a…. rhythm to it.

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