In Taiwan, Pizza Hut Created Ramen Pizza

In Taiwan, Pizza Hut Created Ramen Pizza
Image: Pizza Hut

Ramen burgers exist, so why shouldn’t ramen pizza? Thanks to Pizza Hut Taiwan, it does. 

(Previously, Kotaku introduced ramen crust pizza, but this time, it’s ramen pizza!) 

Image: Pizza Hut Image: Pizza Hut

According to Elle, this is a collaboration between Japanese ramen restaurant Menya Musashi and Pizza Hut. The result is ramen, slices of pork, spring onions, and half an egg ON PIZZA. 

Image: Pizza Hut, WalkerLand Image: Pizza Hut, WalkerLand

As you can see in this photo from WalkerLand, the pizza looks glorious. The ramen pizza will go on sale June 30 for a limited time only.


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