Is Chris Redfield OK

Is Chris Redfield OK
Screenshot: Capcom

Chris Redfield is an amorphous blob. The veteran Resident Evil protagonist seems to fill whatever shape Capcom needs at the time, resulting in several drastically different appearances across the franchise. With yesterday’s reveal of Resident Evil Village, we’ve been treated to a glimpse of how Chris will be carrying himself in the next game and, wow, the developers really don’t know what they want this guy to look like.

Chris was first introduced in the original Resident Evil as a clean-cut member of S.T.A.R.S., the Raccoon City police department’s special forces unit. He was just a normal 25-year-old dude, far removed from the horrors that awaited him both in that game and future installments.

This generic look would largely carry over to Chris’ next major appearance, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.

Screenshot: Capcom

Screenshot: Capcom

Chris Redfield in

Screenshot: Capcom

Screenshot: Capcom

Chris Redfield in

After some time away, Chris would reappear as a major character in Resident Evil 5. The nine years between games apparently gave him time to hit the weights, because he was absolutely beefy during this African romp. And thanks to the fifth instalment’s focus on melee attacks, Chris was able to put those muscles to good work. Resident Evil 5 even culminated in a sequence where the former S.T.A.R.S. agent punches a boulder to get it to move. It was truly amazing.

Again, Chris stuck with this look for a few games, including Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 6.

Image: Capcom

Image: Capcom

Chris Redfield with Sheva Alomar in

Screenshot: Capcom

Screenshot: Capcom

Chris Redfield with Jill Valentine in

Screenshot: Capcom

Screenshot: Capcom

Chris Redfield with Piers Nivans in

Even with his massive body work, Chris was at least recognisable from game to game up until this point. But things really took a turn with Resident Evil 7. After beating the game, players were rewarded with a short ending cutscene in which Chris approaches the main character and introduces himself, teasing the “Not A Hero” add-on that would focus entirely on Chris’ mission.

But who the hell was that?

Chris Redfield (supposedly) in Resident Evil 7. (Screenshot: Capcom) Chris Redfield (supposedly) in Resident Evil 7. (Screenshot: Capcom)

That is objectively not Chris Redfield. Why is his head so long and thin? What’s going on with that facial hair? And why is he so scrawny? Players were so surprised by the new look that a popular theory emerged that this was a different Redfield — he only referred to himself by his last name — or some sort of clone due to his affiliation with a new, reformed version of the Umbrella Corporation.

But no: The “Not A Hero” expansion would eventually confirm that he was Chris Redfield. The Chris Redfield. Believe me, I don’t like it either.

Which brings us to Resident Evil Village. While the next game in the series focuses again on Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters, big boy Chris Redfield can’t help but make the scene. The short glimpse the reveal trailer provides shows Chris brutally shooting someone close to Ethan, who I assume to be Ethan’s wife Mia.

Screenshot: Capcom Screenshot: Capcom

Well, let me rephrase that. Capcom claims the character in the above screenshot is Chris Redfield, but come on. We’re all just supposed to go along with the idea that Chris has transitioned from global bio-terrorism agent to turtleneck-wearing assassin? He looks like someone’s henchman in a British crime comedy written and directed by Guy Ritchie. And he’s so damn stout! Is that what happens when all your free time is spent trying to get Leon Kennedy to procreate with your sister? I can’t help but think Chris alters his body almost as much as a method actor fishing for an Oscar.

I don’t know what’s going on with Chris Redfield, but I hope he’s ok.


  • “We’re all just supposed to go along with the idea that Chris has transitioned from global bio-terrorism agent to turtleneck-wearing assassin”

    I mean, he wore something eerily similar in both the beginning and ending of his campaign in RE6 iirc, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch. Besides, hes not the only RE character who gets changed around like this. Ada, Jill, and even Claire to an extent have all had this happen over the course of the franchise. Seems like Capcom just saw all of the complaints about his RE7 look and decided to appease everyone by going back to a look similar to RE5/RE6.

    As for being an ‘assassin’, I like the idea of an older (he’s 49 as of 2021) more jaded Chris that is willing to get his hands dirty and do some questionable stuff. Gets me interested in what could’ve caused such a shift.

  • RE5 is the real version of Chris as far as im concerned. Punching the boulder at the end really was amazing.

  • Eh he looks ok to me. Each version has grown more and more different.

    This new chat system… not a fan so far. 🙁

  • It took 9 login attempts and multiple browser crashes to even comment here and the delay between pressing a keystroke and seeing what I wrote is literally seconds for each character….

    Chris looks fine, age appropriate. No issues with it.

  • Jesus Christ Kotaku fix your shit. There are so many ads and browser crashing bugs it’s painful to navigate the site

    • Install Ublock Origin, and add a rule for brightcove. It’s made this site 100% more usable.
      Not a fan of the new design, to be honest. I would have preferred a regular feed with some nice filtering.

        • I @ you a couple of days ago in regards to the dark mode setting and auto play vids.. but I’m not sure if you’ve responded to me because a) do we get notifications when someone replies now? And b) there’s no record of what comments I have made so I can’t actually find the article I commented under either, just incase you did respond with an answer

  • I mean, it’s believable, with what Chris has gone through it’s no wonder we found him drowning in a bottle in Resident Evil 6, the guy probably has some mental health issues to sort out, but hasn’t had the proper help

    More and more Chris goes towards the character who’s sick and god damn tired of monsters and viruses and people trying to control the planet that there’s barely any empathy left in the man

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