Is Selling A Bundle Of Over 700+ Games For $7 To Support Racial Justice And Equality Is Selling A Bundle Of Over 700+ Games For $7 To Support Racial Justice And Equality

The indie game store has put together a massive bundle containing 742 indie games worth over $4,800 and is selling the whole thing for $7 to help raise money to support the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

The games in the collection range from full indie games to smaller projects and personal creations. The large collection comes from over 560 different creators and teams. It might be one of, if not the, largest video game charity bundle ever put together. And it will get bigger, with 185 more games being added tomorrow.

Some of the games in the bundle include indie hits like Oxenfree, Night In The Woods, Tonight We Riot, Super Hexagon, Overland, and Wide Ocean Big Jacket just to name a few.

The bundle will be available for another 9 days and folks can pay the $US5 ($7) minimum to get all the games or more if they can and want to donate more.

Looking for ways to advocate for black lives? Check out this list of resources by our sister site Lifehacker for ways to get involved.


  • By Grabthar’s Hammer… what a savings!
    Great way to donate, hell if I’m EVER going to have the time to get through all those. And I already own several of the big ones, I think… still. Might be a fun gaming smorgasbord.

  • They’ve already past the 1.4 million mark. Feels like they could afford to charge a little more as a baseline for that mountain of stuff, but I guess it’s working out for them

  • Absolutely worth it.
    FYI the games are all DRM free but the bundle does not include Steam keys.

  • Just a heads up that there’s a fair few tabletop RPG rulesets, soundtracks and asset packs in the mix, but that still leaves a shit tonne of games. And you may be looking for TTRPG rulesets and assets. And even taking into account the number of 15 minute games and what seem to be alpha demos for yet to be released full versions it’s still a great deal, and supporting a good cause.

    • With stuff like Blades in the Dark (Aka Dishonored meets Gentleman Bastards) in there, I’d say the tabletop stuff is definitely worth digging through for anyone so inclined.

    • At only a fraction of a cent per game, not to mention that it’s and all, I’m pretty sure that any sane person will be expecting a bit of filler.

      This really is a collectors bundle to beef up the size of your game collection with a couple of actually playable games thrown in there as a bonus.

  • Omg Celeste!? That game alone has never gone that low and I know it because I’ve been waiting for it to get low enough to buy it. And supporting a great cause? This is incredible.

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