Let’s Check Out Masahiro Sakurai’s Living Room!

Let’s Check Out Masahiro Sakurai’s Living Room!

With more people working from home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we have gotten a window into all sorts of folks’ homes. This time, it’s Masahiro Sakurai!

Yesterday, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate designer Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Min Min from ARMS was joining the fray. This time, though, Sakurai filmed the announcement himself from his living room. At the time of filming, a state of emergency had been declared in Japan.

Look at Sakurai’s consoles!

Here’s a round-up of his gaming set up:

He has two screens because he likes to watch TV while gaming — and he’ll sometimes run games on two screens when he has someone over.

As pointed out on My Game News Flash, fans even tracked down Sakurai’s sofa.

It’s a 161,029 yen ($2,174) reclining sofa from furniture store chain Nitori.

While a thousand bucks and some change is a chunk of money, some fans seemed surprised that Sakurai doesn’t have more expensive luxury furniture — Nitori is a regular store with locations all over Japan. Him having a Nitori sofa makes Sakurai more relatable, I guess.

Though, all those consoles and double TVs, are certainly top-notch living room goals.


  • There is nothing I don’t love about Sakurai, except maybe for his somewhat unhealthy work ethic. Take a break, man!

  • No you take a break storm whether you like Sakurai-san or not show some respect for him storm because we just got Min Min from ARMS as our 6th DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    Also go and find someone else to harass you fucking dickhead.
    That is all I’m going to say.

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