The Art Of Magic: The Gathering’s Core 2021 Set

The Art Of Magic: The Gathering’s Core 2021 Set
Images: Wizards of the Coast

The art is always one of the best parts of any Magic: The Gathering set, and today we’ve got a ton to show off.

Wizards of the Coast has just finished releasing the Core 2021 set, which dropped last week. The set is bringing back a ton of old favourites like Jolrael, Baneslayer Angel, and new planeswalkers like Basri Ket. And dogs that just kill opposing artifacts and enchantments, just because.

So there’s a lot of fun stuff to play with in the set itself. But today is all about enjoying the other neat part of every Magic expansion.

Wizards of the Coast has supplied a massive tranche of art from the M21 core set. There's heaps of adorable creatures, including two very good boys, some great high fantasy demons, some great portraits of the time lord Teferi, and just a superb mix of environments and styles.

Below you'll find the names for every artist responsible. Just click on the name to head to their relevant ArtStation profile or Instagram page.

Rudy Siswanto

Adam Paquette

Caroline Gariba

Ekaterina Burmak

G-host Lee

Yongjae Choi

Victor Adame

Ilse Gort

Anna Steinbauer

Chris Rahn

Jason Rainville

Jehan Choo

Lindsey Look

Ryan Pancoast

Svetlin Velinov

Just absolutely stunning. If you want to enjoy more great art, you can see some excellent work from other artists and video games, like Cyberpunk 2077 or the latest Ori, below.


  • About half of these don’t actually appear in Coreset 2021, but are from JumpStart, which is a related but separate set coming out in a couple of weeks.

  • Stupid Teferi. The sooner he rotates, the better. New Teferi is not quite as bad. Insane ramp and Ugin is the chief evildoer now.

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