Mario 64’s Unofficial PC Port Will Look Glorious Once Modders Get Done With It

Ever since a fan-made PC version of Mario 64 was released last month, modders have been having fun updating the nearly 25-year old Nintendo 64 game to give it a fresh, modern look.

Mario 64 on PC is the work of fans reverse engineering the game’s code last year. After it was publicly released last month, Nintendo immediately started targeting sites hosting the files and getting them taken down. It hasn’t been enough to stop the unofficial port’s continued spread, however, nor modders efforts to continue improving on it.

Over the weekend the Mario 64 mod Youtube channel Unreal released a new video showing off a number of visual tweaks. As reported by PC Gamer, a video titled “Mario 64 HD” shows everything from updated textures to a new mustache for Mario to make him look in line with his recent appearance in Mario Odyssey.

The updated Mario model comes compliments of modder Armando Arredondo. Meanwhile, a modder by the name of CrashCrew has been improving the game’s overall look using AI upscaling that makes everything from castle carpets to a stained glass window of Princess Peach look sharper and more detailed. While the mod scene is just getting started with this new PC version of Mario 64, it’s already helping to deliver the HD port fans never got.

YouTuber Unreal has showcased a bunch of other mods as well, including one that enables cheats and another that gets rid of draw distances, as well as videos of the game running at 60 fps in 4K. According to a report by VGC earlier this year, Nintendo is planning its own Mario 64 remaster as part of the character’s 35-year anniversary.

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