Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Better With Mods

A journey across the stars always sounds fun, but even more so when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. Stuck in my small apartment during a global pandemic, I recently became so desperate for an escape that I booted up Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The deeply flawed sci-fi role-playing game was received poorly in 2017, and it remains to be frowned upon by many in the gaming community.

But it turns out that just a few mods can go a long way, as you’ll see in the video above.

Mods featured:

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  • I’ve pretty much always been a Playstation player so never played the original Mass Effect Trilogy.
    I loved Andromeda on release and couldn’t understand all the hate. Sure it has it’s problems but nowadays what game doesn’t.
    Good to see some are coming around on it.

    • @nzstagnz – “I loved Andromeda on release and couldn’t understand all the hate.” The clue was in your first sentence when you said “never played the original Mass Effect Trilogy.” Play it and see how vastly inferior Andromeda is compared to the original trilogy and why it is easily the worst in the series.

      • I have hundreds of hours (and dollars spent) in the original ME trilogy, and I really enjoyed Andromeda (which I have also spent over a hundred hours playing). I’m totally with @nzstagnz in that I couldn’t understand the hate it got.

        It had some bugs, but certainly was no where near the most bugged game I’ve ever played at launch.

        And then the hate cost them big bucks, and now we have no more Mass Effect for a really long time.. I’m not sure I’d count that as a win for us.

      • ‘Worst’ is not objective, and you’re acting like an ass because someone liked a game you didn’t. ME2 is my least favourite of the series, while ME:A is my second favourite – not because Andromeda is a better game, but because I wanted something different from it, something more like ME1 than ME2 or 3, which I largely got.

        I’ve played through the original trilogy at least 4 times now, so I’m no casual ME fan, but I love Andromeda, I wish ME fans weren’t so protective about the OT, because it had plenty of issues too and after the patches ME:A was a solid game, the hate for which was terribly overblown, largely by rabid fans that expected the world. See also the response to ME3’s ending.

        • Like Game Of Throne fans, no but seriously the end of ME3 was bad, the extended cut made it a bit better though it still felt out of place like someone else wrote the ending.

          • I don’t like the ending to ME3, but I don’t think it’s as bad as some made it out to be.

            Good thing the real ending was the Citadel DLC 🙂

        • everyones gonna have their own opinion on which is their favourite game in the series. for me andromeda is definitely in last place, but when i say last place im still talking an 8.5/10 as opposed to a 9.75/10 for the first game. its like trying to rate your top 5 movies of all time. even 5th place is still one of the best ever.

    • The original trilogy and especially the first game set a pretty high standard for a well thought out and unique scifi universe and with that standard in mind Andromeda utterly failed to do justice to premise of colonizing a new galaxy. It’s an idea that can’t help but bring to mind countless possibilities of first-encounter situations, weird alien creatures and difficulties in adjusting in a part of the universe with no safety net like support from the Council in the milky-way. Instead there are only two new alien races, they can both understand humans by the time you meet them and all the planets you visit have ancient precursor tech that does all the terraforming for you.

    • Andromeda was treated terribly.

      It’s not perfect, it had issues, and it did feel rushed in places, but the foundations of the game were really solid and I think rabid ME fans that misremembered the OT as perfect or a masterpiece are partially responsible for how poorly the game was ultimately received. If you demand perfection of course you’ll be dissappointed.

      On a side note all of the graphical mods from this video make the game look worse imo (possibly not facial animations, but I can’t fairly judge those from the outside). I’m getting Half-Life 2 “”Cinematic”” mod vibes, everyone looks a bit unnatural like an airbrushed model and the colours and dynamic range look like a 15 year olds’ first attempt at colour grading, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

    • I can’t speak for anybody else’s experience, but unfortunately for me I encountered so many bugs (including assets not loading, forcing me to reload previous save points to finish some side quests) that down the line, when I came across parts that I was unsure how to progress, I continuously second-guessed whether the game was working as intended or if I’d run into another bug. It’s really hard to enjoy a game when you can’t trust if it’s working.

      I loved the original trilogy to pieces. They’re some of my favourite gaming memories. I *sincerely* wanted to love Andromeda, and I’m actually resentful of the experience I had.

      • you can blame a lot of that on EA. The original trilogy all ran on unreal engine 3 and that is what the team knew, then EA in its wisdom forced all its studios onto frostbite which isnt fit for purpose and the studio didnt know how to use. there was an article i think on this very website a while back about it.

    • This hurts me to no end that your first mass effect was andromeda.
      Not because its bad. In fact i really like it and defended the fact it had quite a few strong points from right on release.
      But because it really isn’t anywhere near as good an intro to the universe as ME1 and now part of the magic of ME1 is ruined for your first playthrough (that you absolutely must do).
      Seriously slowly meeting all the different races, finding out about their history was truly amazing.
      Also the combat of the earlier ones will feel like ass as you hadn’t played them first and andromeda really hit it out of the ballpark there.

  • Unfortunately, my memory of Mass Effect: Andromeda is just of being bored. I admire the attempt to do something a bit different, but it just fell flat.

    Endless filler ‘collect’ missions, a bland plot and a gunsmithing system that often spat out weapons that didn’t do any damage.

    Every time I entered a Remnant citadel, I just felt a sense of tedium rather than wonder because I knew I’d be jumping at walls for the next thirty minutes trying to figure what was climbable.

    The Angara and Kett looked plain silly.

    • Everything about what you’ve written is both stupid and silly. Are you new to video games? Because it sounds like you were playing it completely wrong.

      • Yes, I am new to games. That’s why I’m on a gaming site, talking about the fourth game in a thirteen year old series.

        Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the comedy stylings of Ody.

  • I’m being constructive when I say this; the lead in this video is *insanely* buried, I don’t think the word “mod” is mentioned for 4 minutes.

    • The mods mentioned in the article aren’t even described or what they do.
      A video isn’t an article, you know?

  • The trans character and how it was handled got a bit of negative reaction and some people were quite vocal about it ruining the game for them.

    They also had the B team make the game with most if the original people that created Mass Effect put on Anthem which was a bomb and almost closed down the studio, it made it so much worse knowing all the talent was wasted on Anthem when Andromeda could of been so much better.

    Andromeda’s flaws and negative reception shouldn’t be an indicator that people don’t still love the series, hell a trilogy remaster or remake could give a boost to the series so that we could get a sequel to Andromeda.

  • Visa just aesthetic tweaks really. The problem with Andromeda is no longer all of the bugs that it launched with, because almost all of them have been fixed. The problem with Andromeda is the incredibly weak storytelling, the horrible dialogue, the paper thin characters, and the fact that it doesn’t hold a candle in those regards to even the second and third game, let alone the first one.

  • Andromeda was great. Admittedly I only played it in 2018 long after it was all patched up. I think anyone who simply expected it to be like the original trilogy was a moron. The gameplay is utterly fantastic, the visuals incredible, with a story which leaves you wanting more because it feels like it’s just on the edge of truly opening up. There is no doubt at all that the game needs a sequel so that all the potential which was clearly there can be fully realised. My only complaint would be that it’s very difficult to create an attractive character and I had to play the whole thing as a character I didn’t like the look of because I wasn’t going to re-do the first two hours.

    • I replayed the first part of the game three times before just going with the default Ryder.

      As for the gameplay I didn’t like the ability to switch classes on the fly, it makes no sense when it comes to biotics in terms of the games lore and I kind of felt it diminished the RPG elements.

      Personally I like min/maxing in games and played as an infiltrator in the trilogy specialising in sniper rifles and stealth.

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