All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles
Image: Sony / Sucker Punch

Now we know what the PlayStation 5 looks like, and what we can expect to play. Naturally, many games so far are sequels, including the next Ratchet & Clank adventure, Resident Evil VIII and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The Xbox Series X did something similar, highlighting original titles as well as a fair few sequels of their own, including Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga. 

So if more sequels are in the works, then we have a few we’d like to see. Here’s some of our favourites.

inFAMOUS Second Son 2

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen ConsolesinFAMOUS Second Son was a launch title for the PlayStation 4, which means it’s been a good six years since we saw the inFAMOUS universe. While it’s long been buried by other, more high-profile exclusives, the original games remains one of the most fun titles of the PlayStation 4 era. It’s an absolute joy to run around slinging neon, concrete and volcanic powers, and the writing is incredibly tight. The freedom to be either good or evil impacts the entire story and it makes for a very compelling narrative.

It’s a real shame we haven’t seen a sequel to Second Son yet. Both good and evil endings are left open ended and there’s certainly plenty of gas left in the tank for superhero sequels. Second Son 2 would have the potential to greatly expand on the worlds explored in the original. And with an array of new, more visually impressive powers, it could be an absolute stunner. Stay tuned for what developers Sucker Punch do after the release of their new title Ghosts of Tsushima.

Cowboy Bebop 2

Cowboy Bebop is so hot right now. The cult anime is more popular than ever, and Netflix is currently working on a live-action adaptation starring John Cho as Spike.

Most people won’t be aware that the series was actually adapted into a shooter video game in 1998, likely because it wasn’t released outside of Japan. As Kotaku Australia editor Alex Walker suggests, now is the perfect time for a sequel to this long forgotten game.

While the original plays out like a slick Star Fox clone, a sequel could have the potential to integrate ship bounty hunts with a wider, open world exploration of Cowboy Bebop‘s unique cyberpunk-noir setting.


Bloodborne 2

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles

You can’t establish a world as rich and beautiful as Bloodborne without revisiting it at least once. This brutal action RPG stunned fans when it first released in 2015 and has gone on to become a near instant classic. With skills-based gameplay and a horde of intricately-designed enemies, Bloodborne is one of gaming’s most fascinating worlds.

It deserves another chance to expand on its unique lore and engrossing setting. With such excitement and fervour still surrounding the original game, it’s really only a matter of time before we see a sequel pop up on next gen consoles.


Silent Hill

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles

The Silent Hill franchise has been in an extremely weird place for the last decade. While P.T. gave fans hope for a modern sequel with genuine, spine-tingling scares, this Kojima-led product eventually crumbled under its own weight. Since then, Konami has sat on the Silent Hill rights and seemingly done nothing with them.

While rumours abound a new game could be in the works for PS5, nothing concrete has surfaced yet. It’s been 8 years since the latest instalment of this beloved horror franchise, and it deserves a worthy resurrection on next gen.


Control 2

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles

Perhaps its too early to talk about a sequel to 2019 hit Control (especially with a new DLC on the way soon) but if any recent title deserve a chance to live on the next-gen, it’s Control. It’s rare for games to feel wholly original but Control boasted a surreal world that feels new and constantly exciting with every level.

Jesse Faden also makes for an incredible protagonist, leading the action with building-destroying powers and a confidence that’s incredibly cathartic. A sequel would be the perfect opportunity to expand on the lore behind the game and the spread of Altered World Events around the globe.


Crash Bandicoot

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen ConsolesCrash Bandicoot is a beloved platformer that has enchanted multiple generations since the first game in 1996. Its popularity led to the release of N. Sane Trilogy in 2017, a package that remastered the franchise’s three most popular games.

Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 reveal contained a surprising amount of platformers, with Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Astro’s Playroom leading the charge. A true Crash Bandicoot sequel inspired by the classic N. Sane collection would feel right at home on the PS5 — plus, it would give Crash another chance in the spotlight. While both Crash and Spyro have had many sequel misfires since their original golden trilogies, a new sequel could learn from the mistakes of the past and become truly brilliant.


Prey 2

All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles
Image: jmx777 / Nexus

Prey is an incredible atmospheric thriller set in a lonely space station. As Morgan Yu, players are tasked with defeating a race of violent alien beings, all while becoming less human themselves. It’s a great conceit, and one that helps build Prey‘s sense of fear and paranoia.

Subsequent DLC chapters expanded on the world of Prey and the evil Typhon race, making it a far more interesting and multi-layered world than it would otherwise have been. The ending for Prey certainly leaves the game open for a sequel and with such a positive reception to the original game, its possible we may see a sequel for next gen consoles.


Bully 2

bully sequelBully not having a sequel even 14 years after it first released seems like a crime. The original game perfectly captured the spirit of the schoolyard through fun, activity-based gameplay, a wide open world and an in-your-face narrative that explored young romance, schoolyard violence and the need for independence.

It was great fun, and featured a GTA-like sandbox with a load of antics, fun collectables and free-form gameplay that kept it consistently entertaining. While Bully 2 was reportedly worked on and later cancelled, the series still has a lot of potential. Jimmy Hopkins’ story deserves to continue.



All The Sequels That Should Come To Next Gen Consoles

The next generation of consoles is all about flash. From shiny, ray traced reflections to sparkling skies, new processing power will allow developers to create games that look more beautiful than ever. What better game to show off the graphics prowess of the latest consoles than with Wipeout?

The anti-gravity franchise has long been known for its gorgeous visual design and a popping colour palette. While 2017’s Wipeout Omega Collection reminded everyone just how brilliant and fun these games can be, a true next gen sequel could make for an impressive visual treat.


Which next gen sequels would you like to see on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? Sound off in the comments below.


  • I would kill for a next-gen WipEout game, but with the former Studio Liverpool/Psygnosis now completely gone, I’m not sure I’d want any other developer to work on one.

    • Agreed! I can’t even imagine the crazy tracks they could come up with on PS5, but without the original developers, it wouldn’t be the same.

      I would love a new addition to the Infamous franchise. The original Infamous was the reason I moved to PlayStation and I’ve loved every entry since.

  • From the PS1 era, I could really go for a Vagrant Story remake/sequel, and I’m genuinely surprised we haven’t seen G-Police or Destruction Derby remade since the PS2. (I’d also love to see The Fifth Element redone if only because it’s one of my favourite movies ever.) And if we’re going to mention the Cowboy Bebop game, I always wanted to see the Ghost in the Shell game get another look-in (no, First Assault absofuckinglutely does not count at all). I’d love to see a new Point Blank as a PSVR game, too.
    From the PS2 there’s much more to look at. With FF7 being remade, we should totally see some of the spin-off games, like Dirge of Cerberus, which was great fun. God. There’s so many there that just died on the PS2 and never got looked at again…. I mean, some got ‘ok’ to ‘very average’ remasters like Resonance of Fate, but let’s see some wild shit like Gungrave or a Katamari Damacy that doesn’t control like bullshit (lookin’ at you, Switch version). Stuff like Freedom Fighters would be great, if it could just… avoid being like Homefront.
    Oh, you know what sequel should totally be on PS5… Beyond Good & Evil. 😉

    • First Light was a prequel/side story starring Fetch, not a true sequel. Would love to see a proper sequel down the line!

  • I really hope they leave Bloodborne alone as a standalone since it is perfect in every way. I wouldn’t complain about a basic remaster with little graphical work, but better frame pacing and swift load times though.

  • Silent Hills didn’t crumble under its own weight, it got cancelled because Konami are a bunch of phenomenal idiots who think there is more money in gambling machines than video games.

  • I’d like to see a Jade Cocoon 3. Maybe open world, hunting down creatures to train and breed.
    And a new Split/Second.
    Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. Freedom Fighters. Fade to Black…
    Damn, the list is going to be long.

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