Nintendo Confirms Another 140,000 Accounts Were Possibly Breached In April

Nintendo Confirms Another 140,000 Accounts Were Possibly Breached In April

Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed the possibility that as many 160,000 Nintendo Accounts were breached in a hack. Today, Nintendo announced another 140,000 or so more accounts could have been accessed. 

That means a total of around 300,000 accounts could have been breached. Nintendo pointed out in an update today that less than one per cent of all Nintendo Network ID users.

Earlier this spring, the company has disabled the NNID login function and reset the passwords of the affected accounts. Nintendo is asking users to turn on two-factor authentication. Nintendo contacted those whose accounts were accessed and reimbursed unauthorised purchases. The company will continue to take those actions for additional effected accounts but it added that the majority of NNID users have already been reimbursed.

The Nintendo Network IDs were originally connected to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems.


  • Man when it comes to Online.. Nintendo ARE THE BEST!

    **dramatization… might not actually be the best!

  • Mine was accessed, but not in this breach – never contacted by Nintendo. Someone in Argentina logged into my Nintendo account, linked my account to an Epic Games account, then used the Ninty account to buy Fortnite V-bucks.

    Nintendo were great about it. Immediate support of refund, password changing, de-authorizing third party access, and setting up 2-factor. Next step was de-linking the ‘hacker’s’ Epic account and linking my own… which was as far as Ninty could go without needing to defer to Epic.

    Epic were a pack of incompetent shits about it. The number of emails I had to send to them explaining the situation… they kept trying to deal with MY epic account, not the hacker’s. (“Your Epic account does not appear to have been accessed by any third party, sir!” NO FUCKING SHIT, CAN YOU FUCKING READ?! er, I mean, “Sorry, I think I was not clear enough in my last email…”) They claimed they couldn’t find my Nintendo account against any other Epic games accounts at all, despite the fact that it was linked. I downloaded Fortnite on the switch, auto-logged in to the ‘hacker’ account, and provided all the details and the incompetents still took multiple emails to figure out what I was telling them and actually do their fucking job after insisting that it couldn’t be done or that the Epic unlinking would need to be done by Nintendo (who called me told me that was literally impossible). Fucking morons.

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