No Man’s Sky Gets Crossplay Between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC

No Man’s Sky Gets Crossplay Between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC

They’re going to have to change the game’s name to Everybody’s Sky, as Hello Games replaces the entire network backend of their procedurally-generated space opera No Man’s Sky to open up crossplay across all game platforms. Now PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players will be able to explore the game’s space lanes together.

Tomorrow marks the release of the new Windows 10 version of No Man’s Sky, as well as its addition to Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC. What better time than an expected massive influx of new players to tie all three hardware platforms together?

Starting tomorrow, No Man’s Sky players across all platforms will be able to group up and take on missions together. Areas with random multiplayer interactions will draw players from all platforms. Players will be able to identify others on their own platform with an icon. According to the update notes on the official website, they’ve even re-enabled PS4 voice chat for the occasion, though I expect that to be turned off shortly after PS4 players being speaking.

No Man’s Sky Gets Crossplay Between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PCScreenshot: Hello Games

I kid. No Man’s Sky has an outstanding community across all of its platforms, and tomorrow they become one big happy crossplay family.


  • I don’t think the turnaround of this game will ever stop being impressive… And this just adds another notch on top of it.

    • are you telling me its finally worth buying (on pc)? id like that to be true since the price is still way too high.

      • It could be worth getting a month of GamePass for PC and seeing for yourself how you like it.

        I really wasn’t aware of the regular price it sits at now on PC… $85 on Steam seems pretty steep, though I think that about basically any game on Steam’s store and always try to buy Steam keys elsewhere.

        Right now I see No Man’s Sky on sale for under $30 AUD on a site I have used for years without any issue or seeing any accusations of shady dealings brought against them… But because it isn’t GreenManGaming, which I’ve personally had multiple problems with, I’m really not sure I’m allowed to name it here.

        • You found a decent price on G2A. if they can make an article about it, it can be mentioned. but the game is actualy worth it?

          • I personally really enjoy the game, it’s the type of thing I can zone out in and mess about exploring or building and they seem to just keep improving it and adding more to mess about with.

            I’d never suggest it to anyone at full price, not many games I would. I’d say it’s worth $30 but again I typically like these types of games to start with, enough to have put in about 150 hours at this point. If I’m being honest I generally dislike suggesting people buy games at all, simply because I don’t want to convince anyone to buy a game they end up not liking.

            And for what it’s worth I’ve never used G2A, but as far as more ‘acceptable’ sites go though apparently Good Old Games has it on sale at the moment also.

          • cheers for the insight. looked at it on GOG for $31.09 and id spent that in a second on uber eats but i dunno. think its gonna get sent to my buy after 10 year list.

    • So $20 too much, be better at math.
      And sure it’s not for everyone but it’s well worth $30 for the game it is now.

    • 15 to 20 dollars is usually my “buy game” threshold but if you keep a somewhat close eye on sales (ozbargin, here on kotaku and reddit) you can pick up the game for as little as 24 dollars

  • This game goes from strength to strength, and the work the devs have put in to make it what it is today is a testament to how game devs should be. One thing i would get rid of though is the space rocks. There appears to be an over abundance of them. Maybe give each system a belt of rocks like keplers.. but yeah. That’s my only gripe

  • Finally got my new monitor recently, can’t wait to play this! Next up is waiting for the Anthem comeback story because good co-op games are hard to come by these days.

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