Official Space Invaders Branded Japanese Booze

Official Space Invaders Branded Japanese Booze
Image: Taito

Earlier this month, Kotaku , Space Invaders is, too.

Next month, Space Invaders Sake is going on sale in Japan. The sakes ” a pure rice junmai, a pure rice junmai ginjo, and a pure rice junmai daiginjo ” were all brewed by the excellent Masuda Tokubee Shoten brewery in Kyoto.

Image: Taito Image: Taito

The brewery was established in 1675, making it one of the oldest in Kyoto’s Fushimi brewing district, and its Tsuki no Katsura brand is excellent. I’m a big fan of the brewery ” and sake in general, even writing an upcoming book about the drink.

As Gourmet Press notes, each bottle is priced at 3,000 yen ($41).