One Japanese Bus Company’s Solution To Travel In The Covid-19 Era

One Japanese Bus Company’s Solution To Travel In The Covid-19 Era
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Willer Express is an overnight highway bus company that transports travels between locations like Tokyo and Osaka. For many, being on a bus for a long period of time sounds worrisome during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Kotaku previously introduced the company’s space buses.

As NHK reports, the bus company is trying its best to ensure the safety of passengers. The bus driver, decked out in a face shield and mask, checks each passenger’s temperature before boarding. In each seat, there is a white disposable cover attached to the grey sleep shade that passengers can use for social distancing, and the air on the bus is also filtered approximately every five minutes. These seem like good steps, I guess.

However, I wonder if face covers like this will be introduced on aeroplanes. The sleep shades probably seem ok if you were sleeping (that’s what they were used for pre-covid), but otherwise, with the added disposable cover they look even more unpleasant for claustrophobes. 


  • this looks great for sleeping on a plane to be honest.

    it totally won’t work though if the customer is claustrophobic though

  • I mean, would that even help? She’s had her temp taken and she already has a face mask on which should be enough, yeah? And even if it wasn’t, her hands are still exposed anyway. I guess it might protect her shirt from getting coughed on…

    Either way, you couldn’t pay me to use that. Way too closed in for me.

  • It is estimated that 12.5% of U.S. adults will experience a specific phobia in their lifetime; however, many do not seek treatment.
    Claustrophobia is relatively common, with a review of specific phobia research estimating that approximately 2.2% of the population

    OK so 2.2% of 12.5% are claustrophobic. so we are looking at a tiny subset of the population. are we really going to let claustrophobia determine what we do? am i advocating for this? no. but we cant live our lives around the less than 0.05%

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