One Piece Just Hit Netflix

One Piece Just Hit Netflix
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One Piece fans, heads up: Netflix Australia just added four seasons of the long-running pirate anime. It’s all dubbed in English too, if that’s your style.

The drop is a bit of a surprise, given that Netflix didn’t announce One Piece was coming to its Australian library in their monthly announcements. Still, it’s hard to argue with 130 episodes — all of which are available in English, or the original Japanese with subtitles. (If you don’t mind Netflix’s occasional liberties, or the part where the subtitles don’t match any of the mouth gaps.)

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Just know if you do decide to hop on the One Piece train — or ship, as it were — you’re in for a real long ride. While 130 episodes sounds like a lot for Netflix, the series has been running for 20 seasons, with a total of 929 episodes at the time of writing.

And the series is still ongoing. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda said last year, in an ideal world, that he’d like to have Monkey D. Luffy’s adventure wrapped up by 2024. The series was supposedly 80 percent finished back in 2018, although that doesn’t mean an awful lot when he was saying the series was 65 percent done in 2016. And 60 percent done in 2012.

The One Piece Manga Is 80 Per Cent Finished, Says Eiichiro Oda

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We should expect more One Piece on Netflix soon, though. The service is working on a live-action adaptation, with Oda serving as an executive producer. Like most Netflix shows, the first season will have 10 episodes — unlike One Piece‘s animated first season, which has 53.

As an aside for anime fans, Netflix also announced that Cardcaptor Sakura and Pokemon Journeys: The Series would be landing on Netflix in the US. Neither have made their way to Netflix Australia, but we’ll let you know when they make the jump.



  • What happened to their monthly videos showing upcoming content? I haven’t seen them post in ages.

    • Not sure. They just stopped doing them. Might be related to transitioning to a new social agency. In Australia at least, Junkee picked up a contract to do a ton of social for Netflix. But I don’t think the videos were produced by anyone in Australia to begin with anyway, so who knows.

  • It should be mentioned that AnimeLab has 147 episodes of it, Season 19 and 20, (The most recent) along with several movies. Crunchyroll also has the entire series and movies too.

  • Not going to lie, I always preferred the 4kids One Piece opening theme. Had some mad 90’s cool kid vibes

    • I’ll admit that theme wasn’t too bad. Prefer the original themes now though. We are is among my favorite OP openings.

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