Denuvo Listing Shows Persona 4 Golden Coming To PC

Denuvo Listing Shows Persona 4 Golden Coming To PC

It’s not Persona 5, but if you were hoping for Atlus to pull their finger out and get more of the Persona games over to PC … it’s finally happening.

The company tweeted recently that they’d have some special news to announce during the PC Gaming Show, but it looks like that news might have dropped early. A listing for Persona 4: Golden, a spin-off of the JRPG series released exclusively for the PS Vita in 2012, has appeared on the Denuvo DRM website.

“If you’ve reached this page by launching Persona 4 Golden, it is possible that you have a firewall active that has prevented us from authenticating your game,” the Denuvo listing says.

After the news broke overnight, SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik tweeted that he’d received “information privately” that an app uploaded to Steam was Persona 4: Golden. He warned caution, though, noting the recent faked Battlefront 3 listing that appeared on Steam last week.

Persona 4 Golden is still available on the PlayStation Store today, but only for those with a PS Vita. It’s never been ported to other platforms, even Sony’s mainline consoles. The current rumour is that Persona 4: Golden will be announced and released on the day of the PC Gaming Show, which kicks off Sunday morning Australian time. It’s a strategy popularised by Bethesda after the rampant success of Fallout Shelter and the short lead time between Fallout 4‘s reveal and subsequent release.

There’s also suggestions online that Persona 3 is getting a PC release as well, but at the time of writing there’s no credibility to support that rumour.

The chatter comes not long after Atlus unveiled a new creator page on Steam. Only the one game is listed there for now — Catherine: Classic, which hit Valve’s platform in January 2019. It makes sense for the company to expand its PC presence, though, with a wealth of franchises or titles that deserve a remaster or a second lease of life, including Trauma Centre, Shin Megami Tensei and Dragon’s Crown Pro.

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      • I guess you didn’t see how quickly Bethesda reversed course on using Denuvo’s Anti-cheat software in DOOM Eternal last month. It’s not quite the same as their Anti-tampering software but Denuvo is still very much a hated name among gamers.

        It honestly doesn’t surprise me that ATLUS is using it though, especially since Persona 4 Arena is still about the only PS3 game to have used the optional region locking. A move which resulted in Australia getting it 9 months after it released everywhere else.

        • Anti-cheat’s pretty different to Anti-tamper however, and there does need to be serious discussions about anti-cheat nigh on demanding Ring 0 access to function and better ways for it to function without it essentially wanting god rights on your system.

          As for Denuvo Anti-Tamper, I’ll have concerns when they stop removing it from games (preservation is important), at the moment however its more of an inconvenience at best.

      • Yes, because fuck any game with Denuvo in it. I won’t buy any game using Denuvo, fuck you, this isn’t an argument, you can’t change my mind and I don’t care about anything you say to the contrary, this is the hill I have chosen to die on.

        And not EVERYONE removes it. Some companies leave it in their games FOREVER. Capcom still have it in Monster Hunter World. It’s still in both Total War: Warhammer games, even though they’ve omitted that fact from the Steam page for II. Square Enix NEVER take it out of ANY of their games once it’s in- fuck, they still have that parasitic piece of shit in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which is a FREE-TO-PLAY GAME! So fuck Denuvo and any company that uses it. Period.

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