Everything Sony Announced At The PlayStation 5 Reveal

Everything Sony Announced At The PlayStation 5 Reveal

After months of giving the loudspeaker to Microsoft, Sony’s long-awaited reveal of their PlayStation 5 launch games — and what the console can do — finally aired.

The show began with a carefully animated 3D montage of the PlayStation logo in full white, before cutting to a montage of Sony’s best PS4 and PSVR exclusives. It was then followed up with a trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, which would be getting a “expanded and enhanced” version on the PS5 in 2021. Those with access to PS+ would get access to GTA Online for free, the show added.

Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO, then took front stage to confirm that Sony and Rockstar’s partnership would continue.

“The content we’ve curated for today’s event showcases how PS5 has inspired developers to create new experiences that are transformative,” Ryan said. A note than appeared saying all game footage from that point “has been captured from PS5 systems”, after which point Miles Moralis and Spider-Man 2 appeared.

The game would be released “holiday 2020”.

Gran Turismo was also getting a sequel from Polyphony Digital — Gran Turismo 7 — with a new campaign mode. After a trailer, the stream cut to in-engine gameplay of the new menu, before transitioning to showcase some live footage of the racing and new UI.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was next off the rank, showcasing a cut-scene and a hyper-quick set-piece that transitioned between several environments and battles. A new female character then appeared, although we weren’t introduced to the new character’s name.

The game will support ray-traced reflections, Insomniac confirmed after. Some pre-alpha footage of the game, featuring Ratchet, then showcased the various portals that appear in-game. The combat and combat wheel were familiar for fans of the Ratchet & Clank remake, but the UI and environmental detail is substantially more lush than the previous game.

Luminous Productions was up next with Project Athia, a third-person action-adventure featuring a protagonist capable of manipulating the elements to some degree. Little gameplay was shown, and no date was given.

Annapurna Interactive and B12 followed, initially showing some city slums with robots. A cat walked down the street, spying on a robot barbershop, before climbing to the top of a flagpole.

The game is called Stray, where you play as the cat. It’s not out until 2021, and there was no mention of PS5 exclusivity.

After a brief showcase of the new DualSense controller, the next game was from Housemarque. Featuring a space explorer who is constantly reliving her last few moments, the game shows the character being infected by the world as she continues to travel.

It’s called Returnal, but there’s no release date as of yet. Sumo Digital was next with Sackboy: A Big Adventure, a 3D cutesy platformer with a lot of colour, woolly textures and some fun music.

No release date was given.

Next cab off the rack was a game from Lucid, featuring what looked like a futuristic, vibrant take on Destruction Derby. It’s Destruction Allstars, and as most of the other games, there’s no ETA on this one.

Ember Lab’s Mike and Josh Grier then appeared to introduce their next title. Full of lush forests and cute, almost Studio Ghibli-esque creatures, a voice-over talked about the main characters helping troubled spirits.

It’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and features third-person action-combat and some parrying. The art style was heavily Pixar-inspired.

Next up was a complete shift in aesthetic, featuring a string of anthropomorphic teenagers from a school called Volcano High. Goodbye: Volcano High is the full name of the game, and it’ll be released in 2021.

Lorne Lanning then appeared to introduce Oddworld: Soulstorm, the next evolution in the long-running platformer series. The CG was several levels ahead, Abe’s a bit more ripped, and there was even a short snippet of Abe removing his famous stitches.

Tango Gameworks then appeared with Ghostwire: Tokyo, a game first introduced a couple of years back. It’s a creepier version of Tokyo, featuring a lot of humans whose hands look like they’re possessed.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person game, showcasing what looks like a lot of hand-to-hand combat and spellcasting. The Bethesda game is due out in 2021.

Superbrothers and Pine Scented then followed, with a series of almost sepia-esque cutscenes and titles talking about a people “haunted by oblivion”. The trailer shot to the skies, showcasing a craft hovering above the earth.

Starting from “Year 0” and ticking upwards as the craft journeyed onwards, the trailer then showcased a ship flying along the surface of a planet. The game’s called Jett: The Far Shore, and is due out this holiday.

Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay was next with a fast-paced trailer showcasing a lot of high-fantasy characters swinging shields, staffs, and javelins. It was Godfall, which is still due out at the end of this year.

Heart Machine, the makers of Hyper Light Drifter, then followed with a hyper-colourful protagonist and world. Featuring a character with three orbs for eyes, what seemed like a mask, and a very Hyper Light Drifter-esque cloak, the game was called Solar Ash. It’s due out in 2021.

With a voice-over warning “it was always going to end like this”, the next trailer then cut from a dark forest and showcased the first look at Hitman 3, which is out in January 2021. “Only death awaits.”

IO Interactive’s Hakan Abrak explained the game would be the conclusion of the modern Hitman trilogy, before showcasing a segment of the game in Dubai. Set atop what is probably the world’s tallest skyscraper, Agent 47 is shown climbing up the skyscraper and wearing casual gear, although we didn’t see him interact with any new objects.

A brief glimpse was then shown of Team Asobi’s third-person adventure for Astro Bot, Astro’s Playroom. That was followed by a Souls-esque looking adventure that constantly shifted between a protagonist journeying in the woods, and ordinary city life of an older, white bearded man taking a dump, having a bath, sleeping, and doing … quite normal things.

It’s called Little Devil Inside, which makes me wonder if it’s a game set inside the old man’s dream sequence.

NBA 2K21 was then kicked off with a note from Zion Williamson, who naturally is the starring athlete this year. The trailer started with an in-game version of Williamson dribbling and dunking on a court by himself, but didn’t showcase any full gameplay or new features.

NBA 2K21 will be out in spring this year.

The next game was then from the makers of Octodad, featuring a ton of different creatures of various descriptions: a crab holding a pineapple, a strawberry with eyes, a very angry bug that looks like a watermelon, and more.

Bugsnax is due out this holiday.

Shuhei Yoshida then mentioned there was something “very near and dear” to present before the show closed. After transitioning through a few different mountains and landscapes, we were given a look at fiery demons, oversized bosses, flying drakes, and what was predicted earlier in the week: the Demon Souls remaster from Bluepoint Studios.

Arkane Lyon’s next game, Deathloop about being stuck in a time loop followed. It showed a short snippet of gameplay, where the player killed a few enemies before being shot — and then starting over again.

The gameplay showed a few Dishonoured-esque abilities, like teleporting, the ability to force push enemies, and more. The game features 8 targets the player has to kill before midnight.

It was then time to trade out the cheerfulness for a dose of creepy, colourless death. Resident Evil 8: Village was the next trailer, due out next year. It showed a brief snippet of Chris Redfield apologising to Ethan (the player character), just before he shoots a body on the floor.

A character in a space/exosuit then appeared, walking down an abandoned urban street. After shooting a gun into the air of some description, holograms began to appear, before gravity was completely upended. The main character and a small girl were then shown on the moon, looking towards Earth. It’s called Pragmata, and is launching in 2022.

What followed was the sound of Aloy’s voice, talking about the perished Old Ones. Underwater creatures were shown, colourful crabs and fish, and beach locales and colours more akin to Ori and the Blind Forest.

It was, of course, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s sequel.

Cyber alligators are a thing now, apparently. It’s officially called Horizon: Forbidden West. Guerrilla employees then explained that Aloy was moving to a “far-future America” that was ruined by massive storms and new massive machines. No release date was given.

After that, we finally got our first look at the new PlayStation 5. It’s rather space age.

There’ll be two versions: the normal console and the “Digital Edition”.

A new 3D audio headset is being released as well, Pulse 3D wireless, as well as a new DualSense charging station and HD camera. No word was mentioned of a PSVR revision, or existing support for the current PSVR headset.

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  • No PSVR, although it looks like they’re keeping it the way it is with the presence of the camera.

    Most importantly, no release date.

    • Honestly, I’m a sucker for something that looks like it was designed by a futurist in the 80s. But I’m also basically a 10 year old kid trapped in the body of a 30 yr old man, so… ????‍♂️
      Design makes me nostalgic for the 360.

    • Right? The Sony fanboys flinging shit at Microsoft for the X’s design no longer have room to talk as far as I’m concerned. Though I fully expect a more toned back and less ‘artsy for the sake of being artsy’ PS5 slim/pro/whatever to follow later.

      But even if I hate the look of it… If Horizon 2 is a launch title I’m in day one.

      • Bro. U do realise how bad the X’s design is. Everyone’s calling the PS5 a router. lol. The the New Xbox looks like the retail box for the ps5. The X is NOT going to be better. Xbox has the WORST exclusives. Get the ps5 over the X. it’s MUCH better.

      • Love it or hate it, it is a design at least. The Xbox literally looks like a modem, or a tissue box. The PS5 is kind of out there, but at least it isn’t dull.
        I miss the 360, I liked it’s design.

    • At least it is not just a black box like Xbox, it is always easier and safer to take no risks, give me something crazy and unique any day.

      • You know, I don’t really care if its a black box if its going to go in my entertainment unit and be cool and quiet.

        I have questions over the PS5 being cool and quiet with that design. And forget about integrating nicely in my entertainment unit.

        • Cerny did specifically say at his talk that fan noise and power draw were one of the key considerations when designing the console, I would be quietly hopeful that we won’t get a repeat of the PS4 pro version 1 jet engine.

          • So it isn’t just me whose console sounds like its about to take off when under a little load. And I thought the PS4 pro was supposed to be a better console lol.

          • the 2nd iteration of the Pro is apparently a lot better.

            Mine isn’t terrible, but my place is really quiet when I game (mostly at night when the kids are asleep) so if take my headphones out it is noticeable on games like God of War mainly.

          • I have noticed it remarkably on newer titles it just goes nuts, and I actually keep my ps4 relatively clean so it can breathe.

      • Dude I don’t like the look of either. But in the end its the game that matters.

        But that controller looks cheap af…

      • I’m surprised the comments here don’t reflect what I’ve seen everywhere else about the design. The same people that say they don’t care about the design are also some of the same ones bagging it out. Very odd.

  • Nothing shown really moistens my gusset, GT7 and Ratchet and Clank look decent, nothing screaming “run out and preorder me”. Ooh… cyberpunk kitty cat.

    PS5 design looks weird, it’ll suck if it can’t be laid down flat, hope it’ll come in black as well.

    • Just read that Sony announced it wont launch this year.

      Edited… still coming this year at this stage.

      • No, that’s not official. A release date is going to be announced later, but there’s not been any bump out of 2020 yet. Remember, they confirmed the holiday 2020 date to investors – and the developer on Godfall just confirmed “holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5”, so devs are still working on the original timeframe.

      • On news.com.au? That article says it’s delayed then later says it’s expected in November. Or was it somewhere else? It seems strange that all these companies were announcing games to launch in 2020 for a system that rumour now says isn’t coming out till 2021…

        • Yeah, news.com.au has a correction already:

          An earlier version of this article suggested the console might not be available until 2021. Sony has promised release later this year but no firm date is currently set for launch.

    • Any of the ones that started with “Playstation Studios” at the beginning of their trailers, obviously

      • They totally aren’t clear with this. I know the obvious ones, horizon, demon souls, clank etc. But spiderman? All those smaller titles?

        • I’d say check the actual trailers. Spider-Man has Playstation Studios in the first few moments.

        • Yeah dude, you’re gonna have to pay attention next time, haha. Insomniac games is now exclusively a part of Playstation Studios.

          • Pay attention? Just say exclusive so everyone knows. I don’t know who owns what studio. I feel like approx. 70% of the game announced were third party games but who knows until they actually announce it

          • DUDE! The bloody trailer literally starts with “Playstation Studios” What the hell are you arguing here?!

  • At least the design is a lot of more interesting than the unremarkable Xbox black box. Sadly when i look at it, all I see is how much the internet masses is going to hate on it. Everyone under the sun will all think they could have design better things in their sleep.

    In other, more important news, RATCHET AND CLANK!!!!!! I have no idea why but of all the games, this was the only time I really got excited.

    • The design is fine, although I question fan noise and how the PS5’s thermals are going to cope in a hardware design around boosting.

      But the white, ugh, kill me.

      • I’m hoping it they’ll release it in Black as well, else it’s going to look weird in my home theater setup.

    • I played the PS4 Ratchet & Clank with my youngest and the gameplay is awesome but you know what part isn’t? The boring bits where you choose what planets to fly to!

      They used this tech to actually make an already great game quantifyably better and I’m impressed!

    • The Rachet and Clank demo was the first one to really impress me in regards to the possibilities with the near-instant load times. Those dimension-jumps looked smooooth.

  • Spider-Man this year? Sounds good to me. GT7, HZD2, Demons Souls remake, Ratchet and Clank, all known and excellent quantities, the others were mostly interesting. I don’t mind the design, but to be honest I don’t care what a console looks like, I don’t interact with the box much, it’s the controller and games that matter.

  • I love the design. I think some people think that designing is easy but you really have to work with the internals and heat dispersion. Same goes for concept cars, people complain about how the final design doesn’t look as good as the original. It’s because once they put the safety system, driver visibility and the actual production engine, you have to make adjustments to the chassis.

    I’ll buy it as soon as I can as I have always had a PC and PS for my gaming

  • For the love of Christ lay the thing down like 90% of people will do when buying this. I’m sick of the arrogance that designers think most will happily put a vertical device next to their tv…..with all the other vertical devices. Stuff that.

    Honestly. Just give my a plain black box that is cool and quest.

    • Honestly mate. The ps5 is going to be MUCH better than the new Xbox. Seriously. The new Xbox controller looks like the cheap PowerA Enhanced Wired controller. Atleast the dualsense is something new. Legit all the xbox fans are flinging that crap at ps5, even though it was MICROSOFT who intruded in the gaming industry. The ps4 *dominated* last gen. It’s a reasonable guess that they will do it this gen as well.

      • What evidence do you have that says one will be better than the other? Regardless of what manufacturer you’re loyal to (you clearly have a Sony allegiance), to say that any business entering the gaming industry is an “intruder” baffles me, considering Sony made their first foray decades after Atari and Nintendo.

        Back then Atari and Nintendo *dominated* those generations, but should that prevent any other company, including Sony, stay away from the industry? Of course not.

        What was the point of your post?

      • This comment reads like it was written by a bot designed to go around posting as guest on a bunch of websites.

        • I’ve never seen him post on Kotaku before, its just brainless shilling. Thankfully the rest of the community is pretty great here :P.

      • I think someone came up with a solution for that problem about 7 years ago… Wonder what happened?

        Is it only just now dawning on people?

    • I wonder what the stores will look like in the future. Are we going to see a lot more of these “gift card stand” games at EB? Or will EBs just become Zings?

      • There’s a few EB’s I’ve seen become combo stores, so yeah, I think EB’s transition out will be Zing.

  • So it looks like the RE8 leaks were at least somewhat accurate, given that they got the title and Ethan being the protagonist correct.

  • ferret you seriously need to chill the fuck out and enough of this fucking nonsense.
    Sony has confirmed that the PS5 isn’t due to come out until 2021 and with no PSVR headset what we can look forward to is the future which is not too far away.

      • Honestly with all the 2021 release dates in the presentation, I was starting to get worried that it would be delayed into next year.

        • They aren’t just going to show launch titles. Every company will show some launch titles plus what to expect at lest in the first year of ownership, maybe even the early second year.

        • Considering their first party game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, has a 2020 date on it on the trailer, I’m not concerned.

          And more time to save!

  • Having seen the trailer for Goodbye, Volcano High… I don’t see that ending happily. Especially with the asteroid logo.

    • Yea, will be this whole emotional coming of age story, and just as they resolve their turmoil the asteroid will hit…. I’m in!

    • Weirdly this is one of the games I’m more excited about. I’m so ready to get emotionally invested in these dinosaurs.

    • Dinosaur teenagers facing the (probably, but not necessarily, metaphorical) end of the world?

      Perhaps a little on the nose but I’m into it, hoping for something a bit like Life is Strange there

  • I hope at least some of these titles are available at launch, but gotta say it looks unlikely for most of them.

    Mind you, history suggests I won’t buy my PS5 until FFXVI appears, so it isn’t a massive issue for me.

  • A horible looking console with no indication on how capable it will be able to play current gen ps4 games (IE replace PS4 with PS5), guess I’ll be waiting until they decide to make a version that looks much like the PS3/4.

  • The one thing I’m still confused about is Miles Morales. Is it an entirely new, separate release or a repackaged Spider-Man for PS5 with extra content? Is it more like Infamous: First Light, in other words. I mean, absolutely keen and can’t wait, but I need more dammit!!!

      • Yeah that’s what I’m hoping for, but they seemed strangely vague on details. Here’s hoping the wait for more info isn’t too long, maybe just after Tsushima’s launch next month.

  • Glad to see it still has an optical drive. Couldn’t imagine buying the digital only version. Buying used/discounted games, and trading makes the console for me. And you can resell anything your not playing anymore.

    • The non-digital version will pay for itself in game savings within 3-4 games unless PSN Store starts trying to compete with retail… a lot of my PS4 games are digital nowadays, but having the option of finding a better price on a game is invaluable.

  • How the fuck should I know Alex Walker?
    I’ve seen what the PS5 is going to look like and that Sony said the PS5 is going to come out later this year.
    I mean CAPCOM Square Enix Annapurna Interactive Gearbox Publishing and all the other publishers is welcoming us to the world of Playstation 5.
    I’m not totally concerned at all I see that you can lay the Playstation 5 on it’s side but with no PSVR all they showed us is a wireless headset and media remote along with the new PS5 controller.
    Get a life Alex Walker and do whatever the hell you want.

  • Watched live this morning. I like the design…kinda how I imagined the future would look from the 90’s! Happy they showed some Indie Titles.
    Keen for Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo, Res Evil XIII Village, Little devil inside & Goodbye Volcano high. Also some Ratchet & Clank, maybe Stray.

  • Very flat on this.
    The accessories look very apple-ish presumably with a price to match. Not really interested in any games either.

    About the standing up structure though – the first iteration of the new consoles will run much hotter and I suspect this is a design tactic to prevent a shelf mount (same with the series X). A few months ago I had one of my Xbox One X’s lying down in cabinet shelves and it was virtually on fire without good air circulation – the fans were noisy as hell for a usually quiet console. The standing up structure is probably a necessity for now.

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