All The Games We Want From Sony’s Big PlayStation 5 Reveal

All The Games We Want From Sony’s Big PlayStation 5 Reveal

We’re gonna get some PlayStation 5 games tomorrow. And since Sony is still leading with a focus on new titles and traditional releases, that means some big franchises and big remasters should be on the table. Here’s what we’d like to see — or we’re hoping we’ll see, anyway.

Spider-Man 2

Sony backed up an Oz Lotto-sized truck of money to the Insomniac offices when they acquired the studio, so this one is probably the safest bet imaginable. Spider-Man was a rampant success for Sony, selling over 13 million units by August 2019.

There’s a ton that can be done in that universe. And outside of all the narrative adventures, the added technical capabilities of what’s possible must be staggering too. Spider-Man already did a bang-up job bringing New York to life with the existing limitations of the PS4’s memory and streaming capabilities. What does a proper superhero adventure look like when those are removed? It’ll be fun to see.

Bloodborne/Demon Souls remaster

Similarly, the Austin-based Bluepoint Games are one of the most talented studios at what they do: remasters. Their work has been nothing but stellar until now, and it makes complete sense that Sony would hand over one of their biggest IPs to showcase the power of the PS5.

In that vein, it makes sense for Bloodborne to get a rework. But a reimagining/full remaster of Demon Souls makes complete sense too. I’d personally prefer Bloodborne got the treatment first, since it’s architecture, combat design and aesthetic struck the strongest chord. But either one would look stunning — Bluepoint are seriously very, very good at what they do.

Ape Escape

This one’s a suggestion from our producer Leah, who would deeply appreciate it if her beloved platformer had another turn in the sun. I would be completely down for an off-beat reveal like this — a classic IP that people loved, but wouldn’t automatically think of as a console-seller or something that you’d headline a launch with.

It’s important that Sony doesn’t put too many eggs in the same basket with the PS5. We’re all definitely keen to see the new graphics, the power of 3D audio, what zero loading screens is like in practice and all that jazz. But people appreciate diversity in gameplay and game genres too. I don’t know what I’d want a next-gen platformer to do precisely, but I’m keen to see one.

God of War 2

Another popular suggestion within our work Slack, and also a likely safe bet for Sony Santa Monica. It’s funny: I remember having a conversation with an old colleague years ago, not long before God of War launched.

We’d heard absolutely nothing about the game at that point. Sony was very quiet not just externally, but privately to press as well. Completely bugger all was being said. There was no word about upcoming previews. No suggestion of new announcements or gameplay or any footage. People were wondering whether a delay was in the footing — since that’s what you usually do when you get within months of a release, and have nothing to say about it.

Instead, it ended up being Kratos’ greatest journey, and one of the best games that year. Kratos deserves a follow-up adventure. But honestly, whatever Sony Santa Monica truly believed in, Sony would probably back at this point.

Mass Effect Remasters

A recommendation from Gizmodo editor Tegan Jones, and one that I’m honestly surprised EA hasn’t done already. A launch showcase is usually an opportunity for Sony to show off all their first-party titles, and some curveballs, but some big hitters from other major publishers makes a lot of sense as well.

And, sure, it’s not as exciting as a Dragon Age 4 in a way. Or what a proper Knights of the Old Republic sequel could be if that was ever allowed. But it’d sell like hotcakes. It’d be great to relive that journey over again with a few quality of life tweaks. It’s been left on the shelf for so long, and wanted for so long. And if Friday’s not the right time to reveal it — then maybe next week during EA Play is.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn 2

Another safe bet, but I still want to see where the Horizon world goes after this. I’ll be replaying the game on PC when it drops — which is hopefully very soon, given the “Summer 2020” (which is the Australian winter) date on the Steam page.

Gran Turismo Sequel

Image: Supplied

GT has always been a great bit of escapism and a headline for Sony, going all the way back to the PlayStation 1. It’s been almost three years since GT Sport launched, and the series would get an enormous bump from the PS5’s extra hardware. More detailed tracks, more cars on the track, better damage effects and more detailed physics simulation are all things that would be much easier on the next generation.

From a more general point of view, the removal of loading screens will make GT a hell of a lot more fun. The loading for GT 5 was absolutely brutal, worse than dying repeatedly in Bloodborne. Removing that would be a lifesaver for the career progression, and I’m fascinated to see just how deep Polyphony can go. It’d also be a great showcase for a future PSVR or upgraded PSVR experience on the PS5, too.

Beat Saber 2

It’d be weird if there wasn’t at least one major showcase for PSVR, or PSVR 2. Sony’s headset has had a solid amount of success, and even if there isn’t a future revision in the next 12 months, fans will at least want to know what the new hardware can do.

So, a headline title is appropriate. The biggest thing Sony could drop would honestly be a Beat Saber sequel. For most people, Beat Saber is still the closest thing to a killer app, even over a game as accomplished as Half-Life: Alyx. It’s immediately accessible, fun for all, and a great point of difference in the console wars between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Monster Hunter World 2

One of Capcom’s most successful games of the most recent era. The company has talked up an expansion of the Monster Hunter license as a key strategy in their investor briefings, and with how well Monster Hunter World has done, a sequel built for the next-generation seems a likely candidate.

Whether a sequel is likely this early is another matter. If announced, I’d expect a 2021 or 2022 release date at least. There’s been more lead time to work on a Resident Evil 8, or another Resident Evil prequel. And that’s a logical inclusion for Sony too, being a good highlight for VR.

But I’ll bet on Monster Hunter World, simply because it means so much more to Capcom. Resident Evil 7 sold 7.5 million copies worldwide as of this month, while MHW sold over 20 million copies of the base game and the Iceborne expansion as of March this year. There’s enough justification for Capcom to obviously develop both at the same time, but I don’t think it’s likely that both will be announced alongside each other.

What would you like to see Sony announce tomorrow morning?

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  • huh Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC? wow I missed that news

    seeing as they did C&C remaster right, I would be somewhat excited if they remastered ME (or even just ME1)

    • I’d love to see remasters of the ME games (especially Andromeda), the KOTOR games, DA 1,2 & 3 and Jade Empire.

      All great games that would sing with modern tech.

  • Apart from Horizon Zero Dawn 2, I’d like to see something that says “PS4 Cyberpunk, Ghost of Tsushima, etc on PS5 will utilise the capabilities of the system”.

  • While all of those sound great, they’re all sequels / remakes. I really hope that we at least get SOME original IP.

  • Any of Spidey 2, GoW 2 or H:ZD 2 (or Horizon: One Dawn as I insist on calling it to my annoyed son) would make a PS5 a day one purchase for me. I am also really interested in what playing a PS4 disc of Cyberpunk would be like on a PS5. I want to play it ASAP but don’t really want to buy it twice.

    • I would hope that games like Cyberpunk would do a PS5 specific version with cross buy (or some kind of upgrade offer for those who buy the physical version).

  • Horizon 2 and GT7 would make me happy, but I wouldn’t complain about a new GoW either. Damn, I’m actually quite hyped now, I might set my alarm to watch live.

  • “Mass Effect Remasters”
    I think after the drama of the 3rds ending and ME:A being what it is, they may not see the time spent on it as worthy investment as they are unsure if people would be willing to buy it again.
    I personally dont exactly know where i stand on the matter.

    God of war 2 & Spiderman 2 would be what i wanna see.

  • Mass Effect still holds up well, so unless their going to remaster it in a significant way (not just better textures or polygons) like more freedom of movement, better levels, some extra directors cut choices and events… etc… if their not going to do that then I don’t see the point.

    Still holds up just fine graphically.

  • All decent suggestions I’d like to see clarification if we get lou2 and ghosts, cyberpunk etc the ps5 version for free similar to what Xbox is doing. Other then that, and besides those already listed. Some new ip’s but a Resistance fall of man, series remaster, I’d like the infamous series remastered but the announcement of a 3rd game with Cole, as that was left wide open. Id like some guilty pleasure remakes like time crisis or point blank, played them again the other night at a mates with the old gcon guns, great fun, even if they did them in VR. Maybe a Crash Bandicoot sequel.

    I’d also like to see SWTOR the online one ported across, they put star trek Online across and a few others, while yes I can play it on pc but I’d like to see some of those games maybe even guild wars 2 etc come across but with cross play just to give those experiences on console, but the one I’d really like the most is a Metal Gear Solid 1 remaster. I’d pay good money for MGS

  • *screen goes dark*

    *images of a huge, ancient ruined structure, bathed in raytraced shadows*

    *a shadow emerges – an armoured person, slowly walking along*

    *camera cuts to another movement – this time a huge dragon, looking down on the person*

    *the dragon roars and breathes fire, lighting the entire area in raytraced glory*

    *the person raises their shield, deflecting the flames around themselves*

    *the screen goes dark*

    *a Capcom logo appears*



    *Powered by Panta Rhei*

  • Can we just let remasters die in 2020? This generation has basically been “generation f remasters” and with all the next consoles offering backwards compatibility, it’s time we moved on in my opinion.

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