All The PlayStation Exclusives That Should Come To PC

All The PlayStation Exclusives That Should Come To PC
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Attitudes around console exclusives finding their way on PC are slowly changing. But even as we transition into a new generation and a new way of thinking, there are still legions of remarkable titles from Sony’s exclusives that deserve a second lease of life on a new platform.


The PC platform is the home of creators and modders galore, and there’s no better fit for the legions of budding designers than Media Molecule’s endless sandbox. Dreams is already incredibly well engineered for the PS4 as a level/map editor, but the extra precision you’d get from precise mouse placement would be handy when establishing some of those larger levels.

It’d unlock some of Dreams‘ potential, too. The game caps the size of levels to guarantee performance on all consoles. But if there was a concession to not enable cross-play between the Dreams ecosystem on PS4 and PC, Media Molecule could probably increase that limit to allow for the greater memory and performance of most gaming PCs. That’d enable even larger levels and creations never before seen, particularly on PC where titles like this … don’t really exist. Unless you just want to straight up make your own game, of course.

Wipeout HD Fury

Image: Supplied

Wipeout Omega Collection is outstanding, to be sure, and there are some excellent gravracers on the PC these days. Redout is an absolute blast, and BallisticNG is a cracking, lo-fi love letter to the original Wipeout.

The Omega Collection Makes Three Good Wipeout Games Even Better

The Wipeout Omega Collection launches on PlayStation 4 today, combining all the content from Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048 into one gorgeously remastered package. It's a ridiculous amount of futuristic hover racing for $47.95. Let's hit some walls at incredibly high speeds!

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Of course, there’s nothing quite like the original. Which was on PC, specifically DOS. Emulators have tried to fill the gap since then — and BallisticNG honestly does an outstanding job, especially with Steam Workshop support — but the real thing deserves a bit more love.

Persona 5

persona 5 GIF: Kotaku

Hurry the hell up with this one, Atlus. Don’t you like money?

Persona 5 Taught Me How To Be A Friend

“If you hold on life won’t change.” The television cut to black, plunging my house into near total darkness.

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With talk of a follow-up in the works for the PS5 — particularly after Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac — a second lease of life would be perfect for Parker’s super-successful open-adventure. The game has already sold tens of millions of copies, and from a business perspective it’d be a savvy business move to give Spider-Man a second wind on PC.


bloodborne 60fps

Talk of Bloodborne has been circulating for years, particularly as FromSoftware released Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls: Scholar of the First Sin and then Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Yet despite all of those, Bloodborne is still the favourite for many because of its design choices, its setting, how much there is to uncover, and just how compelling Bloodborne‘s world is.

Sony’s Shawn Layden last year indicated that more PlayStation exclusives would get a wider release. “That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios, which may need to lean into a wider installed base,” he told Bloomberg at the time.

With Death Stranding about to hit the PC shortly and Horizon: Zero Dawn getting its own Steam page, the prospect of Bloodborne making the jump is becoming ever more tantalising. So naturally, more rumours have popped up this week.

Given that word is growing that Elden Ring won’t appear for a while, a Bloodborne PC port would make a ton of sense to fill the void.

Everybody’s Golf

Many, many years ago, there used to be this online Korean golf MMO called PangYa!. It was absurdist golf for weebs, if you had to distil the experience down as far as possible.

There were tournaments. It was silly as all hell. And it was the absolute best. The western version of the game was called Albatross18!, but everyone called it PangYa, because that’s what all the characters said when they hit a good shot.

Everybody’s Golf is basically the PS4 version of what PangYa! was. It’s missing the part where you have wizards teeing off on battleships or sorceresses being onto the course from helicopters. But it’s still that arcade multiplayer experience that would be great on a stream and with a wider audience.

Gran Turismo Sport

One of the best elements of Gran Turismo has been the expansion of its competitive circuit to give real-life driving licenses to the best Gran Turismo players. Given the expansion of sim racing worldwide, and the success virtual racing has had lately, a shot in the arm for GT Sport would do a world of good.

There’s no lack of racing games available on PC, of course. But Gran Turismo‘s career progression is something that will always find a single-player audience wherever it is. And the legions of sim racers who already have PC and tri-monitor setups established for iRacing, Assetto Corsa, would undoubtedly appreciate giving GT a whirl.


This one should come to PC eventually, with the work SEGA’s been doing on the Yakuza games. I’d argue that Judgment is probably the one people should play first: it has all the same spirit of the Yakuza games, but you don’t have to deal with years of character development and baggage. The design’s also a little more refined, and you’re still getting a great story, silly minigames, and tons of excellent over-the-top bits.

Seriously, just play Judgment. It’s really, really good.

Finally Playing Judgment Again And Who The Heck Are Any Of These People

The end of the year is always busy here at Kotaku. For many of us, it means a string of reviews to write and games to cover. I’ve gone from Monster Hunter to Greedfall and beyond. Getting the time to circle back and play a game that you missed out on is a fun treat. But hopping back into a game after some time away from it often means you’ve lost the plot, which can be particularly tricky if a game such as Judgment, which is packed with crimes, backstabbing and twists.

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What exclusives from the PlayStation library would you love to see make the jump to PC?


  • I think every PS4 exclusive that is getting a PS5 sequel should come out of PC about 3 or 6 months before the sequel (depending on games average playtime).

    It would be the best marketing hook… play Horizon Zero Dawn, get to the end and of the then realise the only way to continue the game is too buy the PS5.

    More game sales for the exclusive publisher/developers will also make each subsequent sequel more profitable and popular.

    • I thought for a second you were saying that the game would be unfinished and you had to finish the game by buying it on the PS5 T_T

      But yeah, that’s a solid hype strategy.

      • Well a lot of the story games end on a Hollywood style sequel set up…

        PC players get to the end of God of War (Dad of War)… if time right based on Sony metrics, the exact time God of War 2 is plastered on the side of billboards telling you “Only on PS5”. It becomes an impulse buy!

  • Bloodbonre for me is this gens masterpiece and one of the greatest games of all time however it’s difficult to go back to with how bad the frame rate is. I would give anything to play it on PC with at least 60fps.

    • Agreed on all points (other than your typo which is unnervingly close to blood boner).

      Bloodborne is a game I will happily rebuy any time it is re-released. I’m REALLY hoping for a PS5 remaster.

    • It would have been nice if they’d given it a PS4 Pro patch, even if it was just 60fps and no other improvements.

      Same with DriveClub. Fantastic game and already absolutely beautiful, but being a racing game it would really benefit from 60fps.

    • Yeah I tried going back to it after DS3 and Sekiro and it felt like I was playing in slow motion.

      I then tried it again on the PS4 PRO and it was better? but not by much.

      Was able to play through it again though.

  • So should every exclusive title Nintendo makes also be ported to PC to placate the stubborn ‘master race’ wankers?

    • Uhm. How in the fuck could anyone think that would be a bad thing? The answer is absolutely, unequivocally yes. 🙂

    • Everytime i see a comment like this, i remember a certain poster who claimed people only upvote and downvote on poltical issues and just smile.

    • As opposed to it staying on the ColecoVision of a platform it’s on now? Yes, those of us who actually enjoy having a system we can get something resembling a reasonable performance out of would very much enjoy being able to play games like Breath of the Wild on a system that can give it the performance benchmarks it deserves 🙂

    • at the end of the day theres not many games nintendo makes that are actually any good. but yeah im all for not locking games behind a piece of hardware when the ones i do find that are decent run just fine on PC with an emulator.

    • That’d be an interesting list. The damn-near requirement for KB&M has been a limiting factor in so many titles, but we’re seeing some of the RPGs and Strategy games try new ways of making the gamepad less of a hindrance.

      • A lot of these KB&M games can work quite happily on console if they just put the effort in to adapt the interface to a controller.

        Obviously the lazy approach of just moving a pointer around with an analogue stick is not going to produce a good result 😛

        • Tell us what was surprisingly good on the input/interface front… XCOM and Civ6 on the iPad. That might actually have been the best place to play either.

          • Well it probably helps that Civ 6 was pretty clearly designed from the ground up to work on the iPad.

            Remember when it came out with the “new art style” that was so obviously so they could make it run on mobile and had nothing to do with whatever they claimed it was for at the time.

    • This! Keyboard and mouse work well on PS4 and a 65 inch screen is great for TBS strategy. I guess the sales forecasts don’t support the effort involved?

        • Plug your PC into your tv, boom, game on a big screen.
          You can even play games on your PC with a controller.

          Consoles seem antiquated to me, for me they’re either obsolete or actively hampering and negatively effecting video games and I disagree and/or am disappointed with the defenders or advocates of consoles.

          Though I am a very grumpy man lately, I will admit.

  • I want Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 on Steam.
    They were very underrated and I’d love for them to get a second chance. Gravity Rush 2 was incredibly overlooked too, coming out around the same time as Zelda Breath of the Wild, Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • The Bloodborne rumours are great if they come to fruition. I would love to play it, as well as Horizon Zero Dawn. Despite how many exclusives Playstation has this generation as they leaned into that strategy this time around after losing the previous gen, it’s still hard to justify buying an expensive console for them when I have more games than I could ever play on PC.

  • Dreams should be ported to PC just because a mouse + keyboard workstation setup would have to be a hell of a lot more efficient for creating games. The rest you just really want them to be ported.

    Persona 5 (Royal) would be nice but I’d rather see a remaster or even remake of Persona 3. Or any of the previous titles.

    Also, given the givens isn’t PC port for Bloodborne strong evidence for a sequel to Bloodborne?

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