Pokémon Plush Toys Gather To Watch Korean Baseball

Pokémon Plush Toys Gather To Watch Korean Baseball

Starved for sports? You’re not alone! Because of covid-19, professional sports leagues have delayed starting their seasons. In South Korea, while pro baseball is being played, spectators aren’t allowed to attend. Thankfully, Pokémon plushies are. 

At Daejeon Hanbat Baseball Stadium, home of the Hanwha Eagles, the stands behind home plate are being filled with cute characters plush toys of Pikachu, Snorlax, Dragonite, among others.

Screenshot: YTN NEWS

Sonic is also in attendance. And is that Knuckles? 

Screenshot: 연합뉴스TV

The plushies started watching the games late last month.

Screenshot: KBS대전

Though, at that time, they were practicing stricter social distancing.

Screenshot: The Qoo

As this image on The Qoo shows, it appears that the characters don’t have reserved seats and sit in different spots depending on the game. Good, because I was really worried that Sponge Bob had better seats than Pikachu.

Other baseball stadiums have been filled with cardboard cutouts, fans printed on banners, and inflatable people.

Screenshot: OSEN Sports
Screenshot: 세계일보
Screenshot: The Qoo
Screenshot: ARIRANG TV

There is even a robot band supporting its team.

Screenshot: On-Mic

Get them on the field and make Super Baseball 2020 a reality, STAT! 

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