Pokémon Unite Is A DOTA-Style Arena Battler With Pokémon

Pokémon Unite Is A DOTA-Style Arena Battler With Pokémon
Screenshot: The Pokémon Company, Kotaku

This morning The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Unite, a team-based mobile battle arena game created in cooperation with China’s Tencent. It’s free-to-play PokéDOTA for Switch and mobile devices.

You read right. It’s a five-on-five team-based MOBA in which players battle as pocket monsters, evolving and gaining new powers as they level up during matches.

During this morning’s stream, which can be watched in its entirety below, The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara participated in a Pokémon Unite match with nine other players, complete with running commentary.

No word on when Pokémon Unite will be released or who this game is supposed to be for. Time will tell.


  • Oh wow. This is… so very much not for me, but I hope it scratches the itch of whoever this IS for.

    Between this, cafe, quest, snap, go, rumble, and mystery dungeon, I’m just happy the franchise isn’t shy of trying new things.

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