Pokémon Sword And Shield’s Isle Of Armour DLC Drops June 17

Pokémon Sword And Shield’s Isle Of Armour DLC Drops June 17
Gif: Nintendo Japan

According to information released today initially on the official Japanese Pokémon website, the first DLC from Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion pass, The Isle of Armour, brings new pocket monsters and fresh adventures to the games on June 17.

The website and accompanying trailer show off new features coming in The Isle of Armour on June 17 and the Crown Tundra DLC, due out this spring. Check out Pokémon old and new while enjoying a glimpse at new features like a recycling machine bird thing and special soup. Mmmm, special soup.

Prominently featured in the trailer is the Galarian version of Slowbro, who gains the poison type (maybe don’t eat him). Also, keep an eye out for the Gigantamax versions of Venusaur and Blastoise.


  • Sandile from the Unova Region is making a return along with Bulbasaur and Squirtle from the Kanto Region and even Kangaskhan from Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee is making a return in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass The Isle of Armor Part 1 and it comes out on June 17 that’s two weeks time.
    I’m ready to continue exploring the Galar Region and I can’t wait to see this new fighting Pokemon Kubfu and there’s even the chance to Gigantamax Venusaur and Blastoise I love Blastoise better with his shell equipped water cannons and with The Crown Tundra DLC coming out in November I definitely can’t wait to catch Ho-Oh and Lugia along with Zapdos Moltres and Articuno and of course the legendary Psychic Genetic Pokemon Mewtwo is making a return and there is even a chance to explore temples in The Crown Tundra.
    But because I’ve already caught Mewtwo with the Master Ball by beating the Elite four in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu I’ve already transferred Mewtwo via Pokemon Home over to Pokemon Shield and with the The Isle of Armor DLC coming out in two weeks time in the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass I wonder if Oshawott will make a return in the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass.

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