Here’s The First Shots From The Demon’s Souls Remaster

Here’s The First Shots From The Demon’s Souls Remaster

There was no Bloodborne remake or PC port — yet — but we are getting Demon’s Souls again. Announced during the PlayStation 5 games reveal, Bluepoint Studios have been working on bringing FromSoftware’s original action-adventure to life for the next-generation.

Naturally, it looks astonishing.

Demon Souls has 16 bosses in total (four from the Boletarian Palace, three in every other world), and a fair few of them are highlighted during the reveal trailer below. From what I can tell, there’s shots of the updated Penetrator knight demon, a much sharper looking Dragon God, an updated Dirty Colossus that looks more reminiscent of a balrog these days, and the classic Reaper.

Separate to the launch trailer, Sony sent out five official screenshots to press after the PS5 livestream ended. One of those is above, with the remaining four showing off some of the environments from what looks like the Boletarian Palace.

demon souls ps5 remaster
demon souls ps5 remaster
demon souls ps5 remaster
demon souls ps5 remaster

Bluepoint’s work remastering the Uncharted games, Shadow of the Colossus, the God of War Collection for the PS3 and even Gravity Rush has been stellar, so I’m glad they’re taking the lead on Demon’s Souls. As skilled as they are, it does make me wonder what the studio would be like if they had the chance to work on their own IP. They’re as good as any in the business when it comes to optimising and maximising the most out of the Sony platform.

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  • Can’t wait to hide behind something and shoot like 500 poison arrows at a dragon. Seriously – I can’t wait.

  • I’m open to trying this game again (I failed miserably the first 2 attempts). Somehow Sekiro (on PC) was the only Souls game I could beat, so I was really keen for a 60fps Bloodborne…

  • I’m equal parts looking forward to and wary of this. I hope ‘remake’ doesn’t mean it continues on from the Bloodborne/Dark Souls 3 trend of trying to fuck over turtle builds who like to hide behind a shield.

    Making Dark Souls 3 more like Bloodborne than DS1 or DS2 just ruined DS3 for me. I still haven’t finished it because I hated the fact that heavy armour was fucking useless and the only use for poise was to swing ultra-sized weapons. Dex or Die is complete bullshit.

    • Really? I played all three Dark Souls games as a paladin, in the heaviest armour I could find, complete with sword and shield. I blocked every boss and never bothered to roll. The only game I struggled at any point to do that with was Dark Souls 2, and the issue went away with levels and better gear. Dark Souls 3 was incredibly easy with a giant shield. Really curious what your difficulty was.

  • Yes, I was one of those who played Demon’s Souls, and was there for Dark Souls when it released, long before the whole souls thing became so popular. Demon’s Souls is as good as Dark Souls and absolutely deserves to be played and appreciated for what it kicked off, plus the ending is quite dark and interesting.

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