How Ratchet & Clank Plans On Using The PS5’s Adaptive Triggers

How Ratchet & Clank Plans On Using The PS5’s Adaptive Triggers
Image: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

We got a decent look at the Ratchet & Clank sequel, Rift Apart, during the PS5 showcase. But over the weekend, a new three minute trailer dropped with some more info about how the new Ratchet & Clank will use the PS5’s hardware.

The main info in the video comes from Marcus Smith, creative director at Insomniac. Talking over the footage below, most of which was shown during the PS5 showcase, Smith explained how Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart players would practically use the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

“It also lets you know how the weapon is behaving,” Smith said. “One of the examples is the Enforcer, it’s a double-barrelled shotgun. It uses the adaptive triggers to give you tension as you’re moving your finger down halfway, you can fire one barrel.

“You pull it all the way down, you can fire both barrels. But all along the way, you can feel the difference between the tension tightening up.”

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Ratchet & Clank is one of the upcoming PS5 games to utilise ray-tracing — ray-traced reflections, from what can be seen in the trailer footage — although Smith didn’t speak about that in the video above. The Insomniac director talked up the PS5’s 3D spatial audio, likening it to “listening on a television set versus going out into the middle of a forest”. He didn’t outline how 3D spatial audio is used precisely in Rift Apart, however.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart doesn’t have a release date, so it’s possible we won’t see Ratchet’s dimensional adventure out in time for the PS5’s launch this year. It’s one of two PS5 projects underway at Insomniac. The other is Spider-Man: Miles Moralis, a standalone continuation of the Spider-Man game from 2018 which is launching later this year.


  • When I heard about the PS5s SSD, I was so pumped to finally have games with little to no load time. I never thought of it being able to change gameplay in this way. Really glad Sony have gone further than just better graphics.

    • It will be really interesting to see how much of a difference it makes, both on the x and ps5, to mutil platform games. Sure when you customise a game perfectly for a specific console it’ll probably be amazing but how well will it work on say the new assassins creed game? And will the ps5s faster ssd actually be noticeable on these multi palt games? Good times ahead either way

      • basically it comes down to how fast the game can read and apply the data from the harddrive. Even on on a PS4 as soon as you add a good SSD, in most games you will immediately see a huge jump in the amount of load times or going in and out of menus.
        On top of that apparently Sony has got some fancy new SSD tech that improves on that again.

        In terms of this, that means you can apparently be zipping through whole entire areas within seconds (it looks like in this video, the thing that looks like pink shattered glass is the ‘load screen’ between the levels.

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