Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Turns Arthur Into A Super Cowboy

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Turns Arthur Into A Super Cowboy

If you are bored with riding horses and shooting bandits and want to fly around the Old West like Superman, a new mod will let you do just that. And unlike Superman, you can use your powers to be an arsehole.

Aptly named Super Arthur, this powerful PC mod comes from prolific GTA and Red Dead Redemption II modder JulioNIB. They are the same person behind the Red Dead mod PigRider, which lets players ride giant animals. They’ve also created a lot of wild and wacky GTA mods, including ones that let you play as superheroes.

Super Arthur endows the main cowboy of the game with the ability to fly and super strength. So you can go fly up to a random NPC, grab them, fly up into the sky and then drop them to the world below. As I said, you can be a real arsehole with this mod. Superman would not approve.

Thanks to how Red Dead Redemption II handles bodies and damage when Super Arthur chucks people into walls or trees, their bodies will break apart. This is a good time to mention this is a gruesome mod. You can toss bodies around until they are nothing but a small lump of flesh. Again, Superman would SERIOUSLY not approve.

The mod isn’t currently available to download for free. To become a deadly super cowboy, you’ll need to be a Patreon supporter of JulioNB because the mod is currently in a “Work In Progress” state, though it will eventually be released for everyone for free at a later date.

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