Riot Games Executive Says George Floyd Was Murdered By Police Because Of His ‘Criminal Lifestyle’

Riot Games Executive Says George Floyd Was Murdered By Police Because Of His ‘Criminal Lifestyle’

Ron Johnson, Global Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games, has shared an image on his personal Facebook account that lists George Floyd’s prior convictions before saying “this type of criminal lifestyle never results in good things happening to you or those around you”. He is now being investigated internally by the developer.

As Vice report, Johnson’s Facebook post is some wild shit, his mealy-mouthed own words overshadowed by the ludicrous, fear-mongering image that suggests Floyd, a man murdered by police for buying a packet of cigarettes with a counterfeit $US20 ($29) bill, was somehow on his way to “possibly kill your kid”.

A Riot statement issued to Vice says “We’ll say firmly that the sentiment in that image is abhorrent, against our values, and directly counter to our belief that addressing systemic racism requires immediate societal change.”

Johnson is currently on leave pending the result of Riot’s internal investigation.

Riot, a company whose treatment of women has been the subject of fierce criticism for a number of years now, issued a statement last week outlining their “Commitment to Drive Change”, which includes committing $US1,000,000 ($1,426,550) in donations to minority education and justice programs and a policy of matching “up to $US1,000 ($1,427) per employee for qualifying donations”.


  • Meanwhile their competitors Valve still don’t filter out racist terms in user names and other things. I played Dota and was matched with 3 guys from the “COONS” guild.

    • Yeah, Valve could so easily fix the awful bullshit in their games with a word filter. It’s really frustrating, and sort of pathetic they don’t. I love Valve, or at least the games they’ve made, but their hands off approach is such garbage.

  • While I am sure there would be some actually functional and pleasant adults working at Riot games, it sure seems it is nothing breeding ground of some really unpleasant ones and then some.

      • In the USA police are exactly that JJE! They have immunity systems in place so they can get away with pretty much anything, provided its against lower class society.

  • It’s not as if he’s entirely wrong either. Repeat offenders only cause more and more harm to themselves and those around them. People on drugs are unpredictable. some go down easy, others of been known to take a full mag of bullets to go down.

    remember that although the police actions were unnaceptable that doesn’t make Floyd somehow not a criminal and somehow not about to do something potentially dangerous. The main cop was definitely out of line and apparently does have quite the history of complaints as well. I just don’t want another person to lose his job because some people are so sensitive.

    • settle down there lad. i got removed for “well hes not wrong…” and youre just way out of line 😛

        • It’s a better comment that moves discussion forward. People are free to disagree with it, but it contributes a lot more to the conversation than just fanning the flames.

          For patently obvious reasons, that I’m sure everyone can appreciate, there’s an extra level of strictness in stories like these. We don’t want the comment threads getting out of hand, because it becomes impossible to manage and moderate. And nobody wants a community of arseholes.

          (Not saying that you or anyone here is – but I’m sure you all get where I’m coming from.)

    • While yeah he had a criminal record and was a repeat offender, none of those crimes were worthy of the death sentence which he effectively received.

      • And all indications seem to point to him having reformed since getting out of prison in 2013, working for various Christian organisations and working as a youth mentor.

        • This.
          Also, if he was currently high or had drugs on him, does that warrant a death sentence? If so, I’d lose a few of my good friends…

      • no one is saying anything he did was worthy of a death sentence. here in the comments, or in the references from the article. just seems a lot of people like to disregard everything apart from their agenda (that is not aimed at you). the facebook post quite clearly states they do not condone his killing, but somehow its wrong to point out the guy had faults?

    • Whilst their kernel of truth in his statement (ie crime doesn’t pay) it is absolutely lost in insidious messaging, likely with the intention to deflect from the real issue, by using a meme to insinuate that George Floyd is somehow responsible for his own death.

      George Floyd isn’t responsible, Derek Chauvin is.

      Either he meant what he did, or he’s so poorly trained (Minneapolis police training only takes 4 months) he had no idea what he was doing.

      Which leads to the larger issue being the police service itself. Their lack of training, the lack of implicit bias testing, the systemic racism, their poor relationships with communities, their heavy handed and brutal tactics, their lack of accountability.

      • a larger issue in this case is that apparently the Chauvin and Floyd were aquainted. As someone with a criminal history (people don’t really forget that) it’s entirely possible Chauvin might have been more hostile than usual.

        absolutely does not excuse him though. Chauvin also has a terrible history of complaints against him. rather I just think it’s important that suspects well known to an officer are going to be treated differently. if someone has a history of resistance then claims of not being able to breathe suddenly get treated differently.

        again does not excuse him. It also doesn’t mean there is no need for reform. I can’t exactly say there needs to be either. As an Australian, I have met a lot of aussie cops over the years, pretty much all unfailingly polite but this is Australia. We probably have a very different police culture. that and I dont’ have a criminal history probably helps.

  • Discovery investigations have found Floyd and the Officer had prior history.

    They worked together as Nightclub Security/Bouncers… where they had conflicts over the officer using excessive force on patrons. The attack may have been personal.

  • I don’t believe half the people protesting would give a shit if we weren’t in a lock down, people being cooped up inside and using this as an outlet isn’t helping anything becuase at the end if the day they go back too thier lives their families and their jobs when covid is “gone” and won’t think twice about it.

    George Floyd shouldn’t have died the way he did regardless of his history, he paid his Dept to society, however he shouldn’t be upheld as a martyr either.

  • There’s a seriously messed up line of thought to some of these comments.

    It doesn’t actually matter at all what he did or didn’t do – he was murdered by police. He wasn’t resisting arrest, he wasn’t armed and he was already in handcuffs.

    Even if he’d somehow commited a terrible enough crime to deserve a death penalty it’s fundamentally wrong for anyone to be killed by police when they aren’t resisting and aren’t posing a threat. Leaving aside how wrong and messed up the death penalty is, police enforce laws, they don’t deliver punishments.

    If you’re even entertaining the horseshit this Riot employee has posted you’ve got it wrong from the get go.

    • I’m not against the death penalty, Brett Peter Cowan and all the scum like him deserve death, why spend tax payer dollars on lifelong incarceration. At the very least give a lifer the option of euthanasia.

      • I agree that a prisoner should be granted the option of euthanasia, but the death penalty just doesn’t work. See this video that over 40 minutes tears apart all of the major arguments for the death penalty

        TLDW; the death penalty is actually much more expensive than housing a criminal for the rest of their life, it will see innocent people executed under current systems (I’m going off of America’s in particular), and the only real way to reduce the cost of the death penalty is to reduce the amount of checks and balances the current system has, which will all but ensure more innocent people will die.

        It doesn’t make financial sense, it doesn’t make moral sense and even those two did make sense even the most reprehensible criminal could be useful as a witness or offer some insight down the line that a corpse can’t. It costs more, can’t be undone, kills innocent people and has no proven impact on the number of capital offences committed.

        The video really is very good though, treat it like a podcast and give it a go, there’s a lot in it I hadn’t heard of or considered, even as an opponent of the death penalty.

    • Are you kidding? Have you not actually watched the arrest video and see him resisting from the point they got him out of his car to the point he was resisting going into the cop car?

      Not in anyway in support of what happened to him but making comment with such blatant lies only makes you look silly.

      • Have you not read or understood my argument? And have you not seen the video in which he is on the ground, in cuffs, not fighting but pleading for his life and then the nearly 2 minutes in which he’s clearly unresponsive and the police still don’t get off him.

        If he were somehow killed during a scuffle, that’s still bad, but he wasn’t, was he. He was murdered, and you’re implying because he resisted arrest before he was on the ground and in cuffs he shouldn’t be treated like a human being and given the right to bloody breathe. Jesus Christ.

    • To elaborate on your comment police enforce laws, they don’t deliver punishments.
      All officers are practically sworn in by a code “To Serve and Protect”. I am still not sure who or what they were protecting with the way the George Floyd arrest went down.

  • I don’t really care about his history. Even if he’s wanted for being a serial murder, there’s no excuse for those police actions against anyone. He was cuffed, on the ground, and three officers had him restrained. He’s not going anywhere! I’m still puzzled that he was on the ground for so long – what were they waiting for? Once cuffed and restrained, put him in the car. It’s strange.

  • Must be nice living at the top… perfect bubble echo-system, just pretend all lower classes are roaches and need to be exterminated… oh wait that would make you a sociopath/psychopath!

  • Jesus Christ!

    “This is no reason to condone his killing by the officer at all…”. Proceeds to post image that attempt to justify his death.

    That is just horrid!

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