She’s Like A Bird, She’ll Only Fly Away

She’s Like A Bird, She’ll Only Fly Away

Bryan Sola is a Filipino artist who in addition to a ton of Magic cards has also worked for companies like CD Projekt Red and PUBG Corp.

You can see more of Bryan’s stuff at his ArtStation page.


  • Great art, I really like it.

    But Kotaku, this new layout is the friggin dog’s breakfast. It’s garbage. You’ve *severely* downgraded yourself. The chat function sucks. Your layout sucks at the moment. It’s difficult and annoying to navigate. Your front page looks like some awful ‘top 10 list’ site where everything is vomited onto the front page.

    Everything should change from time to time, but this is not well thought out change, this is bloody awful. You *really* need to fix it pronto. Getting rid of up and down votes? Yeah that’s fine. But the overall layout is rubbish, the chat system doesn’t alert you, no more seeing how many comments you’ve made…

    Fire whoever made this decision. Or at least make them create an account and navigate the site themselves for 24 hours, that might be worse…

    • yup seems to be getting worse, only reason I check is because I can’t remember any other sites that I used to check after internode killed thier own game site. (and had a stroke)

      • Can’t think of any sites with a Aus focused staff but might i recommend Polygon and / or GameSpot for news.

        GameSpot’s new podcast Afterdark isn’t too bad either.

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