Should You Put Beans In Your PC?

Should You Put Beans In Your PC?

Earlier this week, a clip of a man stuffing his PC case full of beans and calling a repairman went viral. It’s a video that really needs to be seen to be believed — but it does raise some important, life-altering questions. Beans are great for eating, but are they just as good for your PC case?

The clip, created by vlogger RossCreations, features a man filling his PC case with Soya-branded black beans. There’s at least ten cans involved, with over a thousand beans finding their way in.

The repairman who attends the unusual appointment is totally flabbergasted, as he’s right to be. It’s not every day you see a PC stuffed with beans.

“This is not supposed to be in a computer,” the repairman says. His repeated insistence that, “THIS IS BEANS!” is the stuff of comedy gold. But is he right? There’s a clear answer.

It’s very essential you know this: do not put beans in your computer. Ever.

Why you shouldn’t put beans in your PC

Look, we shouldn’t have to explain this one. Not only is it extremely unhygienic, it can also cause major problems with PC circuitry.

Firstly, beans are food. While dried beans are non-perishable and won’t cause too many issues, the beans found in the video appear to be perishable canned black beans. Once these cans are opened, the black beans immediately lose moisture and dry out.

Over time, they’ll also cause mould growth which can further damage your PC internals.

Moisture and mould will inevitably leak through your PC case and cause a sharp rise in humidity. Exposure to extended periods of high humidity will cause your PC components to rust and degrade. As one would expect, this will ruin your internal components, beginning with thinner pieces like motherboards or wire.

Exposed and degraded wires are also likely to cause electric shocks or short circuit your PC, destroying it (or your power supply) completely.

Conclusion: If you’re struck by the sudden urge to put beans in your PC case, make sure they’re dried, non-perishable beans. While it won’t do anything for your computer’s performance, you might gain some unfathomable amount of satisfaction in the act.

Beans or no beans, please look after your PCs.

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