Let’s Play Some Of The Steam Summer Festival Cooler’s Demos

Let’s Play Some Of The Steam Summer Festival Cooler’s Demos

Isn’t it cool that demos are making a comeback? Hundreds of them went live on Steam this week, and while we highlighted a few, some games you just need to see in motion. So we’re going to do just that.

It’s seriously staggering just how many cool demos dropped as part of the Steam Game Festival this week. It runs for another three days (in Australian time, anyway), and there is a mammoth of limited games that you can play over the weekend.

One that caught my eye, thanks to Kotaku reader transientmind, is Earth From Another Sun. It’s directly pitched as Borderlands meets Mount & Blade, which sounds downright incredible. There’s even a bit of a Destiny influence with some of the UI a cyberpunk city in one of the screenshots.

Another cool game for those who enjoy stories: For the People. It’s a visual novel with strategic elements where you take control of a communist city, determining whether the city provides for the people or itself.

Golden Light, Disjunction, Backbone and The Rat Project all look really sweet as well. So we’re going to some of them out over the course of a quickfire hour over on the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel. I’ll be joined by Kotaku Australia’s producer Leah, where we’ll be unpacking all the games, as well as everything announced this morning. We’ll be going live from 2.50pm for about an hour.

(Note: it’s not currently possible for us to embed the livestream on site right now — aren’t bugs great — but that’s something that’s being worked on. If you could click through here and give us a follow and a chat, it’d be awesome!)


  • I played Disjunction last night and it’s an instant sale for me. You can play it like Hotline Miami, but it’s better if you play it like Metal Gear Solid: cyberpunk stealth puzzler. The sound and graphics are gorgeous, and there’s a fun hint at dialogue RPG’ing in there. Just… yeah. Lemme preorder already, because I am fucking sold.

    Sadly, Rat Project didn’t rope me in as quickly as I expected it to. The demo’s a little too short to get a real grasp on it, and it doesn’t hit the notes that I expected it to from screens/videos… but it still seems pretty solid. Art is reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon but not quite as grim, detailed, or sophisticated. The card battler seems interesting, but you only get the one encounter to play with it. The voice-acting is a bit naff, and doesn’t do justice to the writing. But it’s still intriguing, and I’m likely to get it.

    • Yeah, Rat Project just crashed on us as we finished the demo. Stunner art style, but I’ll check back in with it next year. Big agree on Disjunction.

      Also, Golden Light is fucked. We sent everyone onto Bajo – can’t wait to see him play that.

  • are these demos still available to play after the promo ends? or is this like the limited time free weekend type deals they tend to do? dont wanna waste my time if its just a few days.

    • my understanding is it is for the duration of the festival so a few days (about 3 as of writing this comment)

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