The Internet Reacts To The PlayStation 5

The Internet Reacts To The PlayStation 5

The future is here, and it has curves. Rather than the V-shaped, UFO monstrosity some expected, the first two revisions of the PlayStation 5 are a two-tone white-on-black shape. It’s a little reminiscent of an Alienware PC, or Astro Bot, and there’s a disc-free version.

Naturally, the internet went wild.

Only the white-black version of the console was shown, which naturally spawned jokes about the all-black alternative:

But for the most part, the futuristic, almost concept art-esque stylings were well received. Some complained that the console was a bit too similar to networking hardware (routers in particular).

Others had fun drawing comparisons to the white curves and previous generations, like the Wii.

All in all, “slick” was a common refrain. Jokes aside, it’s nice that the PS5 is aesthetically hugely different from the previous generation. It still looks a bit like a pre-built PC — which I mean, that’s kind of what consoles are these days — but at least it didn’t look like there was pressure-sensitive buttons.

What did you think of the PS5’s design — and how much would you pay for what you saw on show today?

Here's What The PS5 Looks Like

Today, Sony showed off the PlayStation 5, which spits in the face of the idea of non-rounded corners.

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    • I wanna know if lying it down makes the heat sit within the console.. Those white ‘sides’ don’t look like they’d vent much head out.

      Have you heard a PS4 Pro running at full speed, race cars make less noise. Meanwhile the Xbox One X is whisper quiet.

      I love both consoles, but give me cool over slick anyday

      • I’m sure they learned their lesson after all the issues the PS3 had. I still own the original fat launch-version PS3 and that bitch overheated like crazy and the fans sound like the thing’s about to take off. Never had any such issues with the launch version of PS4, and I’m sure PS5 will handle things even better. The Pro version of PS4 is kind of an exception, since they tried to cram more power into an old case without making major design changes to take overheating into consideration.

  • I quite like it, although it’s like one of those optical illusions where you can’t tell if the line is straight or not. Does it actually have a flat side to allow it to sit horizontally?

  • I wasnt sold on originally seeing the pictures, but after watching the video of it, I am all but completely impressed now. At least its different and brave. And hilariously all the people hating on it are doing exactly what Sony knew they would do… share it… as in: ADVERTISE IT.

    Why pay for advertising when people will do it for you, even those mocking you?!

    • “any publicity is good publicity”

      Personally, I still prefer the monolith that is the XboX SX…

      My Next PC will be making use of the new NZXT H1 case…

      I think I have a type…

  • Typical idiotic internet response.

    OMG it looks like a box cause it’s square-ish… DURDURDUR.

    You can always bet on the low IQ sheep to be first out of the gate.

  • In a nutshell: Stylistic design will please and displease simultaneously amongst the fan base!

    The fleeting moment in which everyone reacts to how a console looks (the response variety is very reminiscent of the reactions Xbox 360, back in those days) is always a fun time.

    The most interesting part of all of this (and admittedly the most foolish) is when one person/group tries to convince another person/group why they’re wrong about how they feel about the design. The gaming outlet comment sections/twitter/reddit are just full of this shit right now.

  • I dig it. Though I’m of the opinion that it’s better to swing for the fences and possibly fail rather than the safe n boring route. Better than the X Bar-fridge at least.

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