The Microsoft Store Reveals Crysis Remastered A Day Early

The Microsoft Store Reveals Crysis Remastered A Day Early

Hot off of its unofficial reveal of Star Wars: Squadrons earlier this month, the Microsoft St0re’s page for Crysis Remastered is live, showing off screenshots, a new trailer, and a release date of July 23. The official reveal for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch game is still scheduled for tomorrow.

Making sure stuff shows up on a website at the correct time is hard, as Microsoft’s store has proven twice now in one month. To be fair, the Crysis Remastered listing (via Destructoid) in the Microsoft Store does mention that preorder customers will gain early access to the game two days in advance of the official launch, so maybe there was some confusion there.

Screenshot: Microsoft StoreScreenshot: Microsoft Store

Head over there now to check out screenshots and the official trailer for the 4K, HDR-supporting version of the classic, legendarily resource-intensive shooter. If it’s taken down, just check back tomorrow.

Man, I am really looking forward to playing Crysis again. Well-played, Microsoft Store.


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