The Perfect Gaming PC Case For Rainbow Six Siege Fans

The Perfect Gaming PC Case For Rainbow Six Siege Fans
My personal photos feature far less smoke. (Photo: NZXT)

Today NZXT, maker of gaming PCs and gaming PC parts, revealed the latest in its CRFT line of custom limited edition hardware. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, CRFT 06 H510 Siege is a very special version of the company’s H510 case designed especially for fans of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. They sent me one to check out, as I am such a Rainbow Six fan.

People who know me know this: I can’t get enough of those six Rainbows. I like to capture them all and hold them”¦ from the enemy team? Can’t keep my hands off of them. No? Dammit. OK, so maybe my Rainbow Six love peaked with Vegas and stayed in Vegas, but I appreciate the series and its players, and I know they’ll probably appreciate the hell out of this case.

The H510 is one of NZXT’s most popular cases. The compact ATX mid-tower case has a tempered glass window on the left side to show off its innards. The cable management options are excellent. It comes with removable mounting brackets for fans and water cooling radiators and convenient pull-out drive bays. It’s a really easy case to put together. In its three stock colours, the H510 runs around $US70 ($102). The CRFT 06 H510 Siege version costs $US250 ($363), because it’s all special.

For one, its side panels are all painted up to resemble in-game barricades. The side with the tempered glass panel sports a lovely maroon and grey decoration with painted hinges so real you’ll attempt to fold a non-folding sheet of metal.

If your gaming room is an empty white void, the computer will look like this.  (Photo: NZXT)If your gaming room is an empty white void, the computer will look like this. (Photo: NZXT)

On the other side we have wooden slats with yellow straps and rivets. See the yellow X spray? That comes with the case. I did not have to paint it, though I prepared to.

I also lack barbed wire.  (Photo: NZXT)I also lack barbed wire. (Photo: NZXT)

Did you notice the logo on the front of the case? It’s a six, but with a gun instead of a hole. Rainbow Six fans call that the sixgun. Or if not, they should. That same design is echoed on the charm included with every case. It also comes with a NZXT puck ” that’s a special magnet for the side of the case used for cable management ” shaped like a breaching charge.

Enough marketing glamor shots. NZXT, knowing my great love for multicoloured sixes, sent a decked-out model of the CRFT 06 H510 for me to put my hands all over. I hooked it up on the desk that goes over my medical bed, connected some cables, and then took some pictures. I would have done more, but the motherboard they put in the system had no wireless, and I had no wires.

We're number 159! (Photo: Mike Fahey)We’re number 159! (Photo: Mike Fahey)

First we have the metal plate of authenticity. It shows that the unit in my home, which I may have licked, is number 159 out of 500. Should NZXT get this back and send it off to a contest winner or something, make sure they know where this one has been.

Let’s take a better look at the system’s innards.

It's hard to get a good shot when you are in a medical bed with the system one foot away. (Photo: Mike Fahey)It’s hard to get a good shot when you are in a medical bed with the system one foot away. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

Aww yeah, they unleashed the Kraken Z-3, the CPU cooler with the built-in LED screen. It’s so neat and dumb to see it in person, keeping the CPU cool in more ways than one. Beneath that there’s a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super, which is just super. I don’t know if Siege proper has raytracing support, but I know there are mods that add it, and this machine can do it. We’ve got a couple of sticks of rainbow LED ram, which is always nice to see. It’s all framed by that bright yellow cable management strip. See all the cables? No you do not.

This shot was much easier.  (Photo: Mike Fahey)This shot was much easier. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

I love a distressed deco. That way I can’t tell if I banged it up myself or if the PC was supposed to be this way. Neither can NZXT, fingers crossed.

See that X? It's gonna give it to you.  (Screenshot: Mike Fahey)See that X? It’s gonna give it to you. (Screenshot: Mike Fahey)

I am not going to say you aren’t allowed to play other games on this PC, but it would look pretty silly running MapleStory with the giant sixgun on the front. You could even say it glows, because it does.

I will admit I was a little disappointed when the system booted up into a stock Windows screen. If only there were a way for the end user to change the image that is used as their desktop background.

Gonna play me the f*** outta some Windows 10.  (Photo: Mike Fahey)Gonna play me the f*** outta some Windows 10. (Photo: Mike Fahey)

That is the CRFT 06 H510 Siege, a very pretty PC case for a very specific fanbase. NZXT has made CRFT systems for PUBG, Fallout, World of Warcraft, and now Rainbow Six Siege. They’re a lovely way to declare your gaming flavour. I’ve no idea where the hardware company will go next, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for MapleStory.