The PS5 Does Not Look Good

The PS5 Does Not Look Good

I don’t mean the console as some kind of overall experience, or as a platform upon which to play games upon. Who knows what’s going to happen, it’s not even out yet! But I do know that the PlayStation 5 hardware itself, for all of Sony’s experience and money, looks…bad?

The entire show today was building towards one thing: our first look at the PS5 hardware, which despite being all but meaningless in a practical sense, still for bizarre reasons feels very important! Maybe because this thing may be sitting in our living rooms/bedrooms for years to come. Maybe because, months out from release, all we can do is look.

Every single one of Sony’s previous home consoles, even the memey “grill” PS3, has had some kind of shared DNA, and has looked at the very least “OK”. And sometimes, in the case of the PS4 and some of the slim console variants, better than OK!

But this….with its white case, flowing lines and “shell” look, is a complete break from what anyone would have expected from a new PlayStation. Which might be the point! Fresh start and all. But it’s also making the point that this expensive new console, a premium high-tech addition to your modern household, looks like something out of a 1999 music video.

The internet has some other comparisons, few of them positive:

Who knows, maybe by the year 2027 we’ll have all grown to appreciate it. Or, more likely, maybe by 2022 there’ll be a slimmer, cheaper model released that looks 10x nicer.


    • I guess the look is divisive – people want basic black or white boxes to go with their lounge room aesthetic.
      But I’m with you on this one.

      • “I want a simple black box where I can play my games” same people building a gaming pc that has an aquarium inside the transparent housing

        • I’m on board with this. I like it! And it doesn’t look bigger than the PS4 Pro either, so TV cabinet space shouldn’t be an issue.

          Looks like the curves allow for a bit better cooling on the rear and sides too.

        • Naaahh Its all about dem Rainbow Colored RGB everything these days! It aint a pc unless it has skittles for every part inside!

    • yeah. i cant unsee now that it does look a lot like a router. and a black version would certainly be my preference. but at the end of the day i probably wont buy one so ehh? i like it a lot more than the ps3, but the new xbox is certainly the superior product in the looks department.

      • The Xbox is literally a black box, it couldn’t be any more boring. At least sony have put some effort into their design.

        • Microsoft kinda already did this shape with the 360? Had the roles been reversed, people would’ve said been saying “simplicity is better”. Even though I prefer Xbox, I do dig this design and am pleased that both consoles look vastly different from each other. A flat-black colour way with the blue lights will work wonders for the architecture IMO.

  • This just in: Luke Plunkett hates EVE from Wall-E.

    I do agree it looks like my first broadband router, but I freaking loved the aesthetics of that router.

  • While the design is unusual, and looked weird at first glance, the more I looked at it the more I liked it. I think it looks pretty good.

  • I’m pretty happy with it now that it’s been confirmed that it can sit horizontally. I would probably prefer plain black rather than the 2 colour scheme, but overall I think it’s ok.

  • It’s divisive, and I like that. I’m glad Sony decided to take a risk on the design instead of settling for something dull. Lot of scope here for colours and cool wraps too, some Etsy designers are going to have an absolute field day.

  • I’m … undecided. The aesthetic isn’t for me, especially the colour, but there are elements of it that do appeal. I like that it doesn’t look like just another box, that I appreciate. Still, not sure yet.

  • well I didn’t like all white PS4 so… yea not a fan

    that said the internet seems to be a mix of haters and lovers of it so yay for subjective art

  • I’m a fan! Although an all-black version would be nicer. And I actually have a white TV cabinet as it is, for some reason, so I’m one of the few people who this design should actually work for!

  • Does it come in Black? The same colour as all my A/V equipment?

    I like the way it looks, just a bright white box stands out too much. If they release it in black I think it will look better.

  • I know you are entitled to your own opinion Luke, but you’re wrong; the PS5’s design is very good.

  • Eh, I think it’s fine.

    It’s not the original PS4 or PS2 slim (my favourite PS console designs) but it’s definitely not the original PS3 (my least favourite PS console design) either.

    Speaking of design is this the new comment system, or is stuff still being sorted out? It’s kind of dissappointing to have lost my comment history, it’s pretty fun to go through my reactions to a game’s trailer or specific moments a while after the fact.

    • Also is Dark mode gone?
      I see the irony in being annoyed about looking at something that’s mostly white now when I preferred a darker colour pallette on this specific article, but hey, the option of both is nice in the PS5 and dark mode should be on by default.

  • I find it amusing that people place so much importance on how something looks. I really don’t think I could care less what the machine looks like as long it functions correctly, isn’t prone to any kind of failure, and has adequate cooling and doesn’t get too loud (the quieter, the better). The only thing that does actually bother me when it comes to how anything ‘looks’ these days is this obsession with gaudy RGB lighting.

  • Design is making me thing something else. Is there a little sticker underneath that reads “GlaDOS inside”?

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